American Golf Junior Championship 2016

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Over 500 junior golfers took part in this year’s championships, battling it out for a place in the final in a series of qualifying events across U.K. & Ireland.

The Junior Championship is a vital part of American Golf’s drive to get more people out playing golf more often. 2017 will see a series of free events aimed at encouraging juniors and families to pick up a club when American Golf introduces its Family Cup, Pitch & Putt Championship and Adventure Golf Championship alongside the Junior Championship.


Spanish 2002 says:

I am a junior golfer and I want to play in one of your qualifiers but I don't know where you are holding them. Could I have a little help please ?

Scott Spyra says:

Why is the AMERICAN Junior Golf championship in flippin Britain?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

AllenFoleyGolf says:

I might be playing there this year have to qualify my regional first ?

Marty Music rules says:

i just started golf best choice eva

Marty Music rules says:

best is Callaway

Alan Martins says:

Phil Mickelson is not a lefty, he plays golf left handed but he's not a lefty.

Ju's Outdoors says:

Thought the dude at 4:09 was about to dab???

Braden Nunez says:

I'm confused as to how 22 handicappers are shooting 2 under…

Alfie jones says:

N Newton my man

Jake Wara says:

Wish I hold that putt on the last to win #jacobharringtonwara

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