BEST VIDEO ON GRIP EVER – Wisdom in Golf – Shawn Clement

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Check out this amazing video on the grip with great new analogies and drills!


Steve Anthony says:

Agreed, best ever video on the grip, hands down.

Christian Schilt says:

Just fixed my release – thanks!

Daniel Estes says:

At first, I thought the clementine analogy was a bit too strange to be helpful. However, I decided to implement it on the range yesterday because Shawn is typically right about these sorts of things. After I planned my shot's target and trajectory, I took my right-hand grip by pretending I was getting ready to throw a clementine. I noticed that my right hand grip was a little stronger than what it normally is (a bit more to the side of the club, rather than underneath it).

I was very pleased with the results — the grip felt stable and I got very solid contact every time (albeit with a slight pull to the left, which was easily corrected by adjusting my stance to the right a bit). I think I'll be pretending to throw a clementine from now on! Thanks again, Shawn!

Paul David says:

Switching to a stronger grip has and target focus has made improvements in my game. I was wondering if the fact that my irons which are probably older than most, have a offset. Would that potentially make any change in grip or ball position?

Bill Hill says:

Just want you to know I spend hours watching your videos, my wife is getting suspicious! lol

paul williamson says:

Cant believe you would promote that stupid ad on the start of your videos!!! This is huge!!!What?. he got got bigger tips than you pros… with that stupid moustache and people hitting air in unison???…Pathetic…so annoying!!!

Richard Murphy says:

Shawn your left hand thumb looks too extended for proper cocking of the club….this may cause too much strain in the forearm muscle of most people… the rest of the video seems really good… matter a fact of the vids you do are great! thx!


I love the "orange metaphor"!!! Thank you for making your lessons easy to visualize and remember. The Knife grip, Lumberjack swing, The Skeleton ,etc….ALL AWESOME STUFF!!! Man, I gotta get your premium channel. Amazing TEN YEARS! I'm glad I tuned in at year 8 1/2…the game is FUN AGAIN!!!! Hoping one of your Top 10 is on chipping cause your "Horse Shoe" metaphor really helped me shave some strokes! THANKS AGAIN!!

John Beard says:

welcome to the Ping family Sean.

don m says:

Question has to do with thumb position for support ( I m a righty so on left hand thumb) ; When we strengthen our grip , which you have in general recommended , for a stronger grip vs weaker grip , we rotate both hands to the right ( fade of course the opposite ) . When we rotate doesn t that left hand thumb also move to the right , off the top position it was in , when more at neutral . And if so , aren t we then giving up that support when hinging by doing so ? I ve watched I think most all of your videos on this one and still am not clear .

Frank Mollegaard says:

I wish I had discovered Shawn and the WIG system 10 yrs ago. Another great video here reinforcing the best and simplest possible grip on the club with really good video angles so you can see. It all feels natural to me. Pressure adjusts automatically. I got small hands so I don't do any overlap though, feels more solid with all 8 fingers on the club as per suggestions on the beginner vids. I started from scratch when I discovered Shawn on utube and got his beginner and intermediate videos. So I may try overlap down the road again but not worried about it. All my old habits are slowly washing away.

This is a great time to be learning golf for the first time.

SuperMozzman says:

hi Shawn. great video certainly the best one on the grip I've seen. I use a combination of the overlap and interlock where I tuck my right pinky tip in between the first and second fingers of my left hand. I find it very comfortable and it stops my right hand from moving under the grip and getting too strong. I don't see this grip type covered anywhere but I think its similar to the grip Greg Norman used, is it something you would recommend?

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