Blaire’s Golf Lesson with Kelvin Miyahira – Part 1

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PureSwingTV says:

Leave any Questions for Kelvin or Blaire! #MTi

Thomas Waters says:

Blair’s fence climbing handicap: 24

Gabe’s bar spitting handicap: +7

Christian Cunningham says:

I had no idea about Blaire’s struggles…
I’m legit stoked for this next video.

Larry Laski says:

#MTI completed addicted to these videos, really cool to just listen to
real conversation and theories, can’t wait for part 2!!

Justin Mayo says:

The old instructor really messed up Blaire’s career essentially. Screw that

Andy M says:

One has a Scottish first name, one a Scottish surname.

Christian Guerzon says:

love those last few swings. He looks like he is swinging with a lot more
freedom rather than trying to force positions. Quick question? I am
currently struggling to produce a fade consistently… any tips?

Joey Evanilla says:

Gabe, this is a top notch video, I hope you throw up more… (In all
seriousness, compared to all the other golfing YouTubers out there, I
always view your vids and get excited when you put out more content… your
vids feel way less gimmicky and more personable, plus I think you are
providing quality tips for how to swing a club, with Kelvin’s direction
being an added bonus). Love hearing about Blair’s backstory and how good
he used to be. Furthermore, I hope you post Kelvin’s ideas on turning
around Blair’s swing…I too feel as though I don’t rotate enough through
the swing & look forward to hearing more. Great work, keep it coming!

UnwantedExplosion says:

How could someone like me get Kelvin to look at my swing?

Steve Pugh says:

Whats the name of that driving range? Which island you on?……Thanks for
the vid’s! By the way, you seem to have those fences handled but tell
Blaire to watch those !!! :]

spazbitte says:

Great video. Really like the discussion on the different schools of the
golf swing.

Michael L. says:

flippers losing 20-30 yards? bs.

Stephane Gauthier says:

great video. Kelvin is a blast to listen to.

Callum Ferguson says:

Kelvin seems like a genius! Such a good teacher

Barry Oakland says:

Good way to warm up Blaire – grinding your goolies on the fence!

pmc820 says:

I know Justin Rose talks a lot about staying closed a little longer, I
guess foley taught him that? seems to be working ok for him.

Tony Tanti says:

I just read an article where Justin rose was promoting that stall or
keeping your body turned away from target as long as possible…so it must
work for some

Jake Riley says:

does kelvin play if so what is his handicap

Diego Diaz says:

I’m telling you ….THAT fence will have you soon or later !!!!

Ball Striker says:

lol, I loved the intro tune. For a second there I thought I was listenng to
Digable Planets. Awesome video man!

jason stanley says:

These chats are pure gold

james mello says:

How much is a lesson? Or average for kelvin? I’m going to be in Hawaii next

GolfPhenom24 says:

Two instructors who saw me play tournaments tried to transform my natural
swing into a “leadbetter swing”. After watching this, I’m really glad I
stayed with my natural swing because I’ve been playing great golf
consistently for the last 8 months, and I’ve shot 2 course records in that
time. Blaire will get his game back, and I look forward to seeing him on
Tour in the near future.

Tim Caldwell says:

God has blessed Kelvin with a great golf mind, Gabe and Balire aren’t so
bad either haha. Love seeing you guys interact and dissect, my favorite
video so far. Glad to see Blaire made it out keep it up.

Andy M says:

Both first names I should say.

Jake Riley says:

nice singing lol

TXchadTX says:

Pretty funny when the freestyle kicked in

Sam Durward says:

awesome video man, love the content kelvin teachers! cant wait for the
stuff on the membership site to :)

chamilitary999 says:

Awesome swing !!!

carldawgh says:

lol droppin some of those phat rhymes there gabe

Dustin Balcaen says:

Kelvin seems like he is a great guy, so much knowledge. Blair and I had the
same problem as I am a natural lefty but my big miss is a snap hook or a
weak block. I am nowhere near to that type of score but the little
instuction I had been given ruined my game. Looking forward to more videos
with you two and Calvin.

JensenPGATourDriven says:

Awesome Vidz Thx Guys !! Love the rap

Jake Uyeda says:

Great stuff guys. Really eye opening how Blaire was shooting in the mid to
low 60s! Wow! I can’t wait to see the next part.

tawfeeqm says:

More please! G you should think about doing live streams every now and

Bockys Blog says:

Loving the vids Gabe! looking forward to the next. Must admit thou, not a
lover of the rapping :/

GrandaddyCrunk says:

The worst thing that ever happened to my game was stumbling upon the Hogan
forum on GolfWRX when I was in high school. I was shooting mid 60s to
mid-low 70s every time I played and then all of a sudden I read this stuff
on the forum about how the one plane swing is the best and all
that…haven’t been able to swing how I used to since then (6 years), and
don’t even remember how I used to swing. Now I can’t break 70. For anyone
reading this who has their own natural swing that works…don’t change it.

nap225 says:

the content in this video is amazing, makes me want to go to Hawaii myself
and see Kelvin, would it make sense for someone with a high handicap to go
do so?

Wizzy33 says:

Had no idea this happened to Blaire really looking forward to what Kelvin
can do!

MurphySG24 says:

#BARS at the beginning

Paul Booij says:

This is one of the most educational videos i have seen. It is great to hear
the talk about what the body does in the swing. Keep it up.

Joshua Kim says:

Awesome you guys are in Hawaii :)

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