Driving in the gates at the The Masters in Augusta

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Ian Poulter gives you a behind the scenes look at Augusta before #TheMasters


mike hunt says:

didnt realize poulter still had his tour card, lol…what a cunt

EJ says:

hahahaha….this asshole sounds like Boy George

wndowpayne says:

1:50 All those luxury suv rentals.


I'm unimpressed.

mychoclabwinston says:

I'd stop him for the foot joy, sponsorship lol

blueragebull says:

They should've frisked him and done a full body cavity search on that

Mark PLogger says:

Say what you want but by and large Pro Golfers are pretty darn nice guys. In many cases they are regular guys who have a talent for a game that pays really well. How many pro golfers do you hear in bar fights or beating the crap out of their wife or girlfriend? To be a great golfer it takes a different mind set then most other sports. It's about controlling your emotions. Ask any professional athlete if they could be a pro in any other sport what would it be and many will say golf.

Dark Helmet says:

Everybody's got the same fucking car.

Eric Harper says:

Awesome tour

alex vwenz says:

I remember when this dick said it was only going to be him and Tiger at the top. Well Mr Poulter, you're still major less you phony.

Steely Meely says:

I would love to see Ian win the masters, he deserves it

Alistair Walker says:

Good luck Ian! I'm hoping you'll be in contention come Sunday. Thoroughly enjoyed watching you mix it up at the top last year. Big fan of your clothing line too.Best Wishes Ali.

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