Funny Professional Golfer Bloopers – Volume 13 (No repeats from other volumes)

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Funny Professional Golfer Bloopers – Volume 13 from 1 Step to Better Golf Featuring Tiger Woods, Patrick Reed, Gary Woodland, Sergio Garcia, Michelle Wie, and more. Watch more videos featuring golf instruction tips, beautiful women golfers, golf music videos, and funny golf bloopers from the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour and Asian Tour. Featured professionals include Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson, Jordan Spieth, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Michelle Wie, Lydia Ko, Tiger Woods, Lexi Thompson, Ben Hogan and more. Featured tournaments include the Masters, US Open, British Open, and more.

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Dianne Facebook says:

Och, het overkomt ons allemaal

cyrusville says:

Just skip to 1:17

Junkman Junior says:

Pro golf bloopers look like me 1-18

xavier LE GALL says:

Funny ….. ????

Roderick Cunningham says:

They are giving away a set of TaylorMade clubs at

pc m says:

Music was best part of video.

Willminshere says:

LPGA putting be like

RK channel k. says:

It's not funny because they made mistake

The Donald says:

fucking hilarious, I shit myself,,,,

Tim Bucktooth says:

I'm going back to jerking off to boil lancing vids.

Think Again says:

Who chose that music? Shoot them, please.

William Jones says:

Not bloopers at all

Ricardo Gayle says:

Does that work?

Mo Town says:

One of the few videos where the thumbs down is nearly half..and it makes me SMH wondering why only 1/2?

Kylin Naomi says:

i was watching some diy video, fell asleep, and ended up watching this…..

breastfirezzzzzz says:

「役人天国天下り」、懐かしい言葉である、昔のサラリーマンは気楽な稼業であった、リストラブラックなどない天下り禁止法も忘れていたのか? なんのその認識があったにもかかわらず、、、喉元過ぎれば熱さを忘れる。w

okolekahuna says:

I would say that these are more fails than bloopers.

Scott P says:

Well I enjoyed that video. I always enjoy golf bloopers but should I take heart from them making mistakes like us weekend warriors or give up because if the best in the world do it regularly what chance have I got.

kou kou says:


stafanoff says:

happy gilmore..

relentlessmadman says:

back again love music!

Damian Ojeda Alcaraz says:

how I'd an Asian lowering his glasses considered a blooper? wtf?!

Benj Nelson says:

where are the funny ones?

hejamodo says:

Hilarious video, almost cracked a smile. It's almost as if you don't know what a blooper is.

Gino Marino says:

don't waste time trying to be a youtube star when mcdonald's need help

Kent Johnson says:

Democrats we need them go there not enough pussies in the world as it is

Kent Johnson says:

Dip shit so don't even understand what I'm saying but that's to be expected

Kent Johnson says:

Y'all don't fuck with the pole lease y'all done fucked with the police

Kevin Roanna says:

What the hell do most of these clips have to do with "bloopers" ?  Most of them are just bad shots or clips of golfers faces with nothing at all to do with what is considered a blooper.  The only blooper here is the title of this video.

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