Golf Drills Free Golf Lesson Hitting Ball First

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The Forward Forward Drill will help you hit down on the ball everytime.


paul pinckard says:

Seems a little like a reverse pivot but it works and i can’t argue with
that !

Rich Rolwing says:

So “weight shift” is a crock??

SOS89140 says:

It’s exactly “stack & tilt”.

Brian Donnelly says:

Thanks for the tip. Going to try it.

Christian Bowerman says:

1st drill that helped me feel what I need to do to make a divot in front of
the ball without coming over the top. Thanks.

MrWattsy84 says:

This has reverse pivot written all over it!

campdry says:

I tried this at the range today and worked great had me looking like a pro
lol. Thanks for this video.

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