Golf Playing Lesson AskGolfGuru Crediton GC Part 3

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Golf Playing Lesson AskGolfGuru Crediton GC Part 3 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional and James Wiltshire and Kevin Harper playing golf around Crediton golf club. Watch the professionals play golf hitting drivers, irons and wedge shots into greens and then trying to hole the putts for par, birdie or bogey.


nickpete123 says:

Taking off your glove just gives me personally a better feel.

sean graver says:

really enjoy your videos mark..played crediton golf club a few times with
my father .. albeit a few years ago..still looks in great condition..those
trees have grown..obviously too over the years..keep up the good work

Kei Wegner says:

Hey Mark, Does Gorilla James ever hit anything other than Driver-Wedges on
par-5’s? LOL

Digby Howis says:

great to hear the thought processes and club selection for the different
situations you’re in.

HarryEccy says:

Does Gorilla ever play percentage? Boom!

Clemsongolf101 says:

Did nobody here the police sirens?

Tim Newman says:

Great video Mark! Would appreciate a few more of these!

Craig Murchie Petra Murchie says:

What irons does keven play?

wayne thomas says:

Learn the Basics of Perfecting Your Golf Swing and See the Results on the
Links in Days bit.ly18Wla8r

Shesang Patel says:

hey mark, what is your handicap?

pr4t3ek says:

geez, how many gimmies do you wanna give mark? 😉

ecgrem says:

Kevin putting is poor for his level

Jonah Jordening says:

This series is sweet

drjasonjcampbell says:

superb! great day, hd, great commentary and a bit of humor. thanks for

Gordon Cutts says:

when it comes to putting it’s all about feel. As long as your comfortable
with what you’re doing it doesn’t really matter. It’s not as though the
club head is moving at 100 mph and requires perfect timing.

Cameron Brown says:

yer but he is pro

Bryson Waggoner says:

Great vid mate

901deano says:

the gorilla in its natural environment hahha

Jamie Brown says:

You missed that put low… Shouldnt have even showed up haha

David Eaton says:

What golf balls are you all using?

Josh O Moore says:

Index finger down the putter is the worst thing possible to do ever.

Cameron Brown says:

should do

Seamus Ramsey says:


possy10i says:

These videos are just top class

Paul Crawford says:

WTF is Kevin’s hat all about?

me me says:

Very much enjoyed this video, Thank you for the time and effort you put
into showing your fans not only instruction and comparison, but a friendly
little round with friends. I look forward to seeing more. Thank you agian

Sgt Pepper says:

I wonder what handicap the people criticizing have?

Ian Simcox says:

Penalty at 15:12? Ball definitely moves. I know it’s a fun round so you
don’t count them really, but that is a penalty according to the rules,

Thomas Brumbeloe says:

Can you do a Method putter and Vrs Covert review

itubeutude says:

very flat course.

Erik Denholm says:

I see a lot of people enjoy these however. I just wanna see more swing tip
videos. Been awhile

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