Golf Swing For BIG Golfers: Craig Stadler Analysis

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Golf Swing For BIG Golfers: Craig Stadler Analysis (Lag’s #1 Instructor Clay Ballard)

There is a question I have been getting a lot lately. How do big golfers swing the club? what is the best way for someone of large stature to move and get both distance and accuracy.

Well, you may be surprised that the answer is different than what is commonly recommended. I always hear “big golfers need to swing flat and around their bodies”! When you start to look at it, that is almost impossible. The bigger the player the more upright the swing should be . It is the only way to have enough room to move the club if you have a bigger chest.

In this video I will do an analysis of Craig Stadler while talking about how he is able to move his body and create great golf shots.

I am looking forward to working with you much more in the future.
Clay Ballard