[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 003- A Secret to Perfect Grip

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Our golf professional Aimee Cho shares her secret to perfect grip.
Master your grip and find out what it feels like to compress the golf ball!

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Zhiqiang Hou says:

it's amazing teaching vedio I ever see. thank you so much.

Willie Phelan says:

Hi Aimee,
I have discovered your videos this week fantastic lessons can't wait to get out on the course, keep up the great work its helping a lot of us golfers. Thanks a million

Juan Ortiz says:

I had never heard this before. I worked on it, and went and played golf today. Front nine was a struggle, but by back nine had it and my shots and swing were more consistent and more accurate. Thank you. I would love to know how to contact you for lessons. I've seen your other videos and your explanations are clear and very easy to implement.

Simon Yio says:

Hi Aimme, I have seen many golf videos and none can compared to yours. You are really good and recently I have used the methods you have taught and it really works well on me. Many thanks and I love watching your teaching videos. Will you be coming to Singapore to conduct any golf clinic?

Michael Barnett says:

Just discovered your videos. Excellent presentation and instruction.

Rémy de Beaumont says:

By this video's I'am able to discover what the secrets are of playing golf. Aimee is an adoreble teacher and my golfplay now is very much improving. Now I understand what double pendulum is. So I owe her very much. Thank you so much. xxx

Peter Fleming says:

Brilliant video and your stunning aswel

Glenn Johnson says:

Hi Aimee, thank you for your advise, best ever. I played yesterday and played well. Thank you so much 🙂

gerry osullivan says:

Thank u Aimee for your tips. Had 42 Points today .

Wayne Dowding says:

Hi Aimee, I have been struggling with my golf lately playing off a 6 h/c and had a lesson with my club pro, well I went backwards even more, so I came back to the net and stumbled across your videos, wow your instruction is awesome, today I played to a 7 in pouring rain and wind. I hit 9 greens in reg and hit some fantastic iron shots, your instruction is fantastic and I am going to watch them all.

Tuan Truong says:

Good lesson. Thank you.

Bamidele Sonubi says:

The is the best lesson I have seen for ages ! Excellent.

Coorsgood10 says:

Thank you. I've been holding wrong the whole time. Shame because I tell people the same thing about the drums. Grip is the most important part!

Ng Sam says:

Great job Aimee. I find your presentation (always with a touch of sense of humor with good face/physical expression) quite impressive. You not only show how it is done but also explain how amateurs do it and the consequences.

Steven Plimmer says:

Interesting. Quite different on the right hand from the Hogan emphasis (middle two fingers grip, the other three only stabilize). For the left, he says the smaller 3 fingers hold the club. I wonder how much difference that right hand grip nuance makes. Might play with that on the range to see.

Ranger Jones says:

Good job, Aimee–Thx

als 1 says:

What's in the bag? What clubs do you play?

carl sandström says:

These tips, Wien I dared to use them all, had a strong influence on my ballsrike

Andy M says:

The first finger and thumb importance is very true. Try brushing the grass 20 times you'll only do it consistently squeezing thumb and first finger.

Jack Pacleb says:

Awesome lesson. Never heard of this method of the grip and pressures.

swingtrade2 says:

Who taught you?

Sathid Limmaneevichitr says:

Wow! thatt's really feels like you say it.

Frank chiew says:

Aimee u really are the best!

amfohr says:

Do you put pressure with the base knuckle of the right index finger or the first bone?

klliou says:

This what I just learned, too. Wish you have published this much earlier 🙂 Thanks.

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