How to grip the golf club

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How to grip the golf club

How to grip the golf club. Weather you have a weak or a strong golf grip. This video will show you the perfect “correct”golf grip for you golf game. These golf grip tips will help you become the best golfer you can be.

Check out mistake #2






Captsaison says:

I can’t do the “ideal” golf grip. I have medium hands but short, stubby
fingers. I just have to position the club in my right hand and leave my
right index finger hanging down loosely on the shaft sort of like a putting
grip. I can do this with the interlocking grip I use and get by with it.
If I had longer fingers I would be able to do the “ideal grip” as described
probably. Sadly, I also have wide shoulders and short arms which is also
not a great physique for a full-turning golf swing.


Jackie Burke would not completely agree; here’s his statement about Sam
Snead, who said to hold the club like it’s a bird. Jackie said–“What Sam
Snead failed to tell you is the bird was a Hawk”…Jackie Burke said a very
firm grip is necessary, but you don’t want tension is in the forearms or

Golf Lessons Online says:

Nice lesson, not enough attention paid to the simple things. Gotta get the
grip right!!

urbanvelos says:

Special thanks go to the chainsaw operator, lol

steelcity9778 says:

This is a good lesson I picked up the game last year and was using baseball
grip now I started using interlocking I going to try this grip at the range

cosyhome1 says:

Excellent teaching

Rodney Thompson says:

Nice I learned a lot. Thank you

Joseph Lacicero says:


A Nesbitt says:

This is my go to instructional lesson when I fall into the black hole that
is a bad round.

craapula says:

Yep, Tiger sucks. I’d beat him easily 1/100 times.

T V says:

i hate overlapping grip i like interlocking


I don’t like necessarily the position of his right hand, which according to
some is too high in the fingers. Steve Elkington, 10 time PGA tour winner,
including the PGA Championship, says the club should ride on the first
crease of the right hand closer to the finger tips, otherwise, you cannot
release the club through impact properly.

m0rdecai89 says:

Haha golf instruction while the chainsaw massacre occurs in the backround

Cihat Esen says:

Attention Golfers: “Amazingly Simple Secrets Shave At Least 7 Strokes From
Your Game And Add 50 to 70 Yards To Your Tee Shots… Guaranteed!”

ghostfacep4 says:

Just lightly grip ur stick gents don’t stoke it to hard ur pressure should
be light and remember left hand first

bowserphant says:

Well done! The instructions are clear and the tips are easy to remember.

jorgeambl says:

Thanks so much. I was in the golf course today, and I could tell the
difference.. Once again. Thank you!

mmmsvids says:

This is great; I just went golfing the other day and a guy I got paired
with who was in his 70s gave me this same tip about grip. I hadn’t hit a
driver in years because I would always slice it. After he showed me this
same technique, I blasted a drive with his driver straight down the middle.
He then gave me another ball and toldme to try my old grip: huge slice. The
grip made the difference.

brad stecklein says:

nice vid! around 2:25 i noticed your hand wasn’t all the way on the grip.
this is where i think instructors need to be very picky. i see a lot of
“piccolo” grips and regripping in the backswing. much to do with not
choking down a bit on club!

chris defalco says:

An excellent video

LilRobot4Life says:

I paid more attention the mortar sound than I did to you.


The right hand thumb should go to the left of the shaft slightly and the
index finger should curve around the grip, kind of like you are aiming a
piston into the ground, a few feet away from your shoes.

smack2daface says:

great video, very informative!

jpee300 says:

best quote from this vid: “god put that here just for golf, but you all
didn’t know that” 3:15

FlightClub16 says:

You forgot the Jim Furyk double overlap 🙂 lol

apiwatbob says:

Great teaching!

csrocks3 says:

nice teaching ! 🙂 helped alot

Ligerpride says:

@R013ERT92 Most coaches and pro’s say the grip is the most important part
of the whole swing. That’s good enough for me.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

The grip is definitely a huge fundamental. People often get lazy and stop
checking it when really this should be checked every time you play or

charliekinggolf says:

thanks for this! this is very nice!!!

Zeeshan says:

that was geat

TBgolfer6 says:

hey can you guys check out my video of my swing i need advice please!

paperskull1 says:

felix lee

MrKyvegas00 says:

griping is my girlfriends biggest mistake too :/

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