Increase Your Golf Swing Speed – Golf’s 1-2 Power Punch!

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Increase your golf swing speed with this amazing, one two, power punch. You will be amazed how these two simple motions using the right arm can greatly increase your distance.

Most mid to high handicap golfers tend to make a simple mistake when it comes to club head speed. They release the right arm too early. This causes you to lose lag and to spend your potential speed early in the downswing. The key is to keep this potential speed for later in the swing, the release it quickly with the one – two power punch.

The first move is to release the right arm. But only after the club is halfway into the downswing. If you release the club early you will lose club head speed. You want to imagine the right arm as working like a piston. The arm will be bent as you are halfway into the downswing and then extend to increase the speed of the arms and hands. This is the first motion that will increase your speed.

The second motion is with the wrists. Up until this point the club will be lagging far behind the hands. Once you reach this point of the swing, you will downward cock (ulnar deviation) to release the built up angle of the wrists. This is the second move of this power punch. This will immediately increase the speed of the club head and give you much more distance.

Good luck with your golf game. I look forward to working with you soon.

Clay Ballard

Increase Golf Swing Speed