John Daly Golf Grip Challenge

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John Daly Re Grip Challenge
Mobile: 07952514656

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre sees how quick John Daly Professional Golfer can grip a golf club from start to finish whilst on the TaylorMade Tour truck.


Rick Shiels PGA says:

Just as John Daly tees off at The Open, watch him change a golf grip as
quick as he can!

Jay Davis says:

One of the most entertaining golfers ever.

mmaker1337 says:

Should have done bubbas grip 10-12 layer tape.

Rodisflawless says:

Great content these days Rick. Diverse, entertaining, informative, well
presented, great quality. Keep it up!

Luke R says:

Anybody else think he said at the end ‘can i go get high now’ hahahah 

A.alpha Kuangkoomh says:

Quickly …

Michael Harr says:

If you think you can put new grip on easily -just try it. I gave up.
Brrrrrrr. And I am a genius, too. 

Mr. TopRamen says:

Oh Mr. John Daly lol 

Alex Barlow says:

Top video of jon daly ! Nice one ric

peter webber says:

what a legend

robocop30301 says:

That is awesome!

lethomadness says:

hahaha thats awesome good on you big john 

Andrew Rimmer says:

Can I go out and get high now? Hahaha! Maybe that’s the success to golf!

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