Learning the Moe Norman Golf swing, Free tips for faster learning.

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More info on the Moe Norman Free Video Training Series at the following link. http://moenormangolf.com/aff/link.html?w=opg&p=kirkjunge

For training aids to speed the learning process please visit http://moenormangolf.com/aff/link.html?w=store&p=kirkjunge
I recommend “the feeling of greatness” practice club, and the Alignment ball position trainer very highly. They helped me speed up my improvement. when using the aids each time you practice you cannot grip the club incorrectly, and your stance is always perfect.

Interested in hands on instruction in Moe’s swing visit http://moenormangolf.com/aff/link.html?w=mnghp&p=kirkjunge

For Moe Norman Golf swing lessons in West Palm Beach, Florida please visit my website at http://learninggolf.tv/about-us/private-lessons/

Moe Norman discovered the easiest way to swing a golf club, and anybody can learn to swing like he did. You will learn to hit longer and straighter golf shots. All you need to do is to copy his setup, which includes his grip, and stance. Follow the swing drills to learn his swing. In a short time you too will have “the feeling of greatness”.

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