Mizuno MP-18 MB irons / With Sir Nick Faldo

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Sir Nick Faldo takes his first look at the MP-18 muscleback and tells his history with Turbo – our master craftsman from Yoro Japan. More on the MP-18 including custom options and fitting centres at golf.mizunoeurope.com


smart water says:

Can you make Blade iron with thinnest top line and small head with shiny finish? like Nike vr pro blades that would be the greatest blade ever. Please I feel like MP 18 is little too big

barney germany says:

after mp32 and mp68, now 2 month the mp18 blade and sc set…(3flihi orderd)…thank you mizuno…im happy 👍

Craig Salter Golf says:

My full review of the new Mizuno MP-18 irons now up on my channel!!


Solomon Li says:

Love it… I've only been playing since last November but I wouldn't trade my MP-33's for anything unless it were these. That similar shape and thinness just looks right to me…beautiful…

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