A lot of our juniors perhaps don’t realise just how much and why we look up to these 3 men, so perhaps this will help them appreciate just how highly we hold them in regard. [More]
http://www.rotaryswing.com/youtube/index.php?vid=Laser&ref=417 Click the link above to watch the full “Rigth Knee Laser Beam Drill” for FREE!!! How to Shorten Your Golf Swing (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor) If you shorten your swing with only your arms, [More]
Junior golfers perform the most challenging tricks. More videos at: http://www.youtube.com/user/HannesAround
PGA Professional Andrew Proudman talks to Coach Milo Bryant at the TPI Junior Performance Center on meadmygolf’s world tour and talks about junior athletic development for golf. http://www.facebook.com/meandmygolf http://www.twitter.com/memygolf
3 local teens will be competing at the upcoming Canadian Junior Boys Golf Championship taking place at Legends on the Niagara in Chippawa. Mike Balsom reports.
http://www.h5sportsgroup.com/ The PGA is launching its new PGA Junior Summer Camps at hand picked locations across the nation. In this video Eric Jones interview Marc Haddad, who was recently appointed by the PGA to spearhead [More]
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I was asked to make a video for Steven’s Mountain View disc golf, that they could use to show off their course. The course is in it’s second year and continues to improve in quality [More]
Click here to watch the most popular videos in March 2015 http://vid.io/xqwn Tom Downes having a golf lesson today with Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach @ Trafford Golf Manchester. We got Tom working on shaping [More]