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Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter!/4golfonline Mark Crossfield the Exeter golf professional talks about how to hit better and stronger golf shots with a strong release. Improve your golf grip and start releasing the club for great golf strikes. Free golf lessons with Mark Crossfield on YouTube


gaffs82 says:

@Foomba Like Cheryl Cole on X-Factor, they may not understrand his accent.

Mark Crossfield says:

@mattfoster88 I use the interlock but I have also played a few seasons with
the overlap. Just choose what feels best for you.

Paul Pursell says:

Great tip Mark, less stress on my right wrist being a left handed golfer.

Trung Tran says:

Way to go ! great video tips , all thumb up rating 🙂

Jeff Wood says:

Thank You, gripping this way makes it much easier to release. : )

medic doc says:

Very good explanation, thank you!

pastetube123 says:

That’s a backyard if so that’s badass lol I want one like that

amadan34 says:

I just read the rules for US & Canada residents only. Their loss

EliteHunting1911 says:

Mark, I love your videos they are very helpful. But I often wonder, do you
ever hit a bad shot yourself? Haha keep up the awesome work

medic doc says:

Thanks for the post. I shot a 78, breaking 80 for the first time after
taking your advice. Keep posting!

bens grandad says:

hi mark -great tip -i find i am having trouble keeping the last 3 fingers
on my left hand tight enough to hold the club in that position on the
downstroke at full speed and i get a wear rub on my glove on the palm -any
tips apart fron gluing the glove to the grip(i have a grip hand press
training aid)

fucl yuou says:

Wow did the grip change my shot. I always thought my grip was good. Also
noticed lighter grip like barely holding on helps my draw.

Foomba says:

As always excellent instruction. Have you had a look at this? Golf
Channel’s next Golf Instructor. Check out their website

mattfoster88 says:

Do you use an interlock grip or an overlap, i couldnt tell from your video.

medic doc says:

Thanks for the post. I practiced 2 days at the range and went out on my 3rd
day and shot a 78, my best 18 up to this point. Keep posting!!!

Joe Faulk says:

Thanks for this listen! I have never had anyone tell me this before.

David Schultz says:

@gaffs82 martin hall?

James McDonald says:

Excellent demonstration. Well done.

RandyVataha says:

Great series of tips. Saved my game. Started my swing over with these
foundational tips. Tanks allot

amadan34 says:

@Foomba I think if mark applied for this he would walk the competition. He
really should consider it. A carrer in TV is not so bad.

AaronWyatt100 says:

great video, really enjoyed watching

jwdenv5 says:

Great explanation!!! I have never heard the grip broken down in such detail
like that before. I have also heard 3 different grip styles taught: the
neutral grip(or as you called it natural), the weak grip (the left hand
even rotated more counter clockwise), and strong (the grip you described as
the correct grip, the left hand rotating slightly more clockwise). Is there
any validity to these other grips if you tend to hit a draw.The strong grip
has always worked the best for me personally.

King Jaffe Joffer says:

I had often wondered too. I don’t think he does!

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