I spent 2.5 years using the model golf swing technology starting back in 1999 as an instructor with Compusport Academy of Golf. In the video [Tips]
Ben Hogan really loaded into his right side while trying to not move off the ball too much. But, he certainly did move off the [Tips]
Watch Gary McCord discuss Ben Hogan’s “planted left heel”, then view reality.
In this golf video I show how Ben Hogan used his lower body to produce long drives early in his career, and how he became [Tips]
Hyno Designs Production: The Hawk
Inspirational. From the 1952 Father Keller TV segment “Faith, Hope and Hogan” on Ben Hogan’s comeback.
Much of modern day golf instruction is based on Ben Hogan’s thoughts and swing. His book The Modern Fundamentals of Golf is a must read [Tips]
Hyno Designs Production: ‘The Hogan Mystique” – 2011 Remastered 2018
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Home Ben Hogan appeared to “swing left” by using a body style release. This drill will teach you exactly how to do that and build [Tips]