Driving range bad practice makes perfect bad golf swing here is an example of myself getting it wrong lol. But I learnt from this just used my smart phone and shock horror it was me [More]
How to effectively play golf. Discover the drills,tips and tricks. This video blog is all you need to improve, practice, and lower your handicap. Compare reviews of golf equipment, accessory’s and training aids. Analyze the [More]
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This tip from PurePointGolf.com shows you how to practice your weight shift and get your swing more consistent.
Mizuno R&D man Chris Voshall demonstrates how to find your perfect iron shaft in just three swings – using Mizuno’s Swing DNA iron fitting system. There are over 500 Swing DNA Centres across Europe – [More]
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Full Video–http://www.rotaryswing.com/youtube/index.php?vid=sledgehammer&ref=437 Increase your golf swing speed with this amazing, one two, power punch. You will be amazed how these two simple motions using the right arm can greatly increase your distance. Most mid to [More]