TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 Hybrid

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http://www.4golfonline.com The high launching easy to hit TaylorMade 2.0 Burner SuperFast hybrid is hit and tested by Mark Crossfield. The Exeter golf professional hits the 2.0 burner hybrid at Clifton Hill Golf Range and shows you how it could help you play some better golf.


Michael Anscomb says:

I’ve been using the burner 2.0 for a few years now and find it so easy to
hit. Slighly longer then my CG 7, 4 iron at 210 yards. So a good option off
the tee and certainly for the rough. Playing off 26 I haven’t found a
better hybrid.

Iain Barbour says:

Hi Mark. I hit this club today, against the Mizuno JPX 825 and was hitting
better shots with the TaylorMade. Found it a very easy club to hit. Im a
player that struggles with hitting 4, 5 irons consistantly well and feel
this club will help me a lot. Am i right in saying that the ball needs to
be forward in your stance when using a hybrid, like when using a driver?

howiya b says:

@karlbenoit1980 ya did yeah

Dante Shaw says:

I got the black burner superfast hybrid(not the 2.0)and its a very good
hybrid.i can hit it down the middle consistently

Mark Crossfield says:

@BiffyBass sounds good let us know when you get one.

theailenwar says:

do you live on a golf couse

manvesh97 says:

@viciscool1 how did u find this out? did u ask him? 🙂

Chris Lam says:

Hey Mark, where abouts would you say is the ideal position to place the
ball when using this club?

IMrNuminous says:

Looking to but this in the next week or two, every time I research it
there’s only praise for it. I own the 3 wood and it smashing, I honestly
believe that the burner series are overall better than the “R” series. Does
anybody have any ideas where I could buy this cheaply? Don’t forget to
check out my channel and rate my swing guys, comments would be appreciated.

Cam Baird says:

im 13 thats pretty average for me with the 4 hybrid

Mark Ratner says:

I play to a 4.9 and these hybrids are great. I removed the 3, 4 iron and
replaced with these. I can hit it right to left, left to right, high, and
low. I actually never noticed the slight offset.

Fowler Fan says:

I just bought this. My club pro recommended it for me. Very keen. I got the
4h with 21*

BiTechxual says:

Nice review, would be nice though to add a top view like on some irons in
the previous videos, as I think it’s the most important view angle. Thanks!

My Golf Journey - Amateur to Amateur says:

Started with the 4h and 5h. Offset is fine. Hit them so good I felt like I
was cheating. Long, easy to hit, holds the green. True game improvement
club. Now have 3, 4, 5, and 6. Hitting a draw with these. I never hit a
draw. Cannot believe how far i’m hitting these clubs.

girlmalibu1 says:

Now I’m hitting it 180 yards

luke lacey says:

Got mine last July . Great club , average hit is 185 biggest I’ve had was
225 . I have the 4 . So the 21 degree

ZildjianK25 says:

I got this club about a month ago and I hit it great. I hit it almost 220

Heidi Kisil says:

Over 200 yards** I really recommend this club to anybody

Arsalan khan says:

Ysk249 you couldn’t be more correct! After the honeymoon period massive
hooks! Went back to my nickents

FreakiZ says:

wow I just bought the 4 hybrid yesterday and it is amazing. The ball just
flys off of this club with little effort. My favorite club in my bag already

AntebellumOg says:

yup buddy. when you going to do the 2.0 superfast driver?

My Golf Journey - Amateur to Amateur says:

Follow up: Hit a very poor tee shot on a par 5 into the woods. Bailed out
with a decent, not good 2nd shot and was left staring at 180 to the
elevated green. Took out the Taylormade Superfast 2.0 3H and crushed it.
When I could see the green I was stunned to see it 18 ft from the hole.
Made the putt too! Total game changer for me. Especially since last year my
avg drive was a meager 165. If you’re wondering which TM hybrid to get –
Get them all!

Vic Guha says:

@golum1197 Callaway dont allow him to trial clubs plus callaway dont make
any great clubs anymore

ysk249 says:

This club is made for beginners who slice often. As Mark mentioned the term
“offset” several times in this video clip, this hybrid club is a draw
biased and will promote a hook quite often. These hybrid clubs are very
easy to hit with and they will keep beginners from slicing the ball.
However, if you are a power hitter or have a high swing speed, the draw
will turn into a severe hook.

iPingman says:

u gotta love this club .. i have a 4 hybrid which plays avg. 204 yards….
really happy with it 🙂

Heidi Kisil says:

Just got it today! I can easily his the ogre

johnnythefoxzz says:

What did we learn from this video that is not in the TM ad?

Jeff Lee says:

hey Mark, would you recommend the TM Rescue 11 4 Hybrid or the Burner
Superfast 2.0 4 Hybrid?

rsawnti says:

I love this club, and want to purchase it. Any suggestions between stiff or
regular flex? I’ve only been playing for about 2 years, so not sure which I
should get or if would make a big difference. Thanks!

Andrew Breining says:

I bought this club recently, actually I got the whole iron set, 3 and 4
hybrids and 5-PW irons as a combo. Played my first round with them today
and what a club!! I am a 15 handicap and these rescues will be sure to help
me lower that number. Great out of tough lies, long par 3’s and long iron
fairway shots. I used to have the Adams idea a1 hybrids before these, it
was a magnificent upgrade!

girlmalibu1 says:

Awesome club I have a 4 21 degrees and I’m just turned 12 and I’m hitting
it about 140-160 out of the rough it is awesome and worth the money

HockeyWebCaster91 says:

1:57 orgasm 🙂


thinking about buying one im in the sun country junior tour trying to take
out 3 and 4 irons out of my bag is it worth it???

Bruno Mucci says:

just bought this club and i reall like it, it sure does fly when you crank
it! Love my whole burner set, your reviews really helped me get a really
good t-made set

kb19hose says:

haha Mark, Ive watched all of your videos besides this one! I just got this
club and love it but I noticed you didnt say “lets get stuck in”! haha i
truly appreciate all your videos on ratings and testing of clubs and your
knowledge and tips of the game, thanks!

Vic Guha says:

@manvesh97 he mentioned this in some of his previous videos

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