“TaylorMade called me at work” Over Easy EP 47

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In this episode I talk about trying to be a golf Youtube’r, TaylorMade Golf, and my new camera.

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Michael Collins says:

How about a back to the future , p790 and hover board vid. Just saying..

John Q says:

I have an idea for content for the P790 irons. Taylormade sued by PXG for patent infringement!

Mud Max Metal Detecting says:

Glad your on the mend, lovin the videos.

Michael Pasvantis says:

I'm kinda hoping you go really low brow with the P…(pee) 790 video but that may ultimately ensure that this will be the last package you get from Taylormade unless you buy it from them.
See what I did there with the pee and the package…I'm embarrassed 😩. Keep the good work.

Steve's Workshops says:

I just want to know who those seven morons are that submitted a thumbs down. I'm betting it was just a random inadvertent mouse click.

Jeff Diekemper says:

I would like to see the diversity of the new TaylorMade P790 irons. Demonstrate shots from tight lies, thick rough, under trees, over trees, fairway bunker shots, shots in the wind, etc…

Matthew Hoskins says:

Touch up paint, post-it note, picture of Quinton, anything to cover that stupid spot on the wall.

Allan Crowder says:

Great vid, long time fan of both channels.

n3qdz says:

I just found your channel. I love the raps man now time to binge watch like a crack addict. In the immortal words of Tyrone Biggums ummm peanut butter and crack sandwich mummmmmmm

Todd Templer says:

One break given. You have one more for the rest of the year.

Congrats Kurt.

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