The Best of Tiger Woods (HD)

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Turn the volume up high or wear headphones, as the music blends perfectly with the golf.
The “Greatest Hits” on the golf course from the man that has arguably produced the best golf ever, Tiger Woods, up to this day in 2012.


Ryan Pulai says:

Love that bootleg footage at the end. Would have been exhilarating to be

Nick Tannahill says:

7:24 my favorite

Joon Lee says:

When you have doubts about Tiger, you watch this video.. .. Lets not forget
who tiger is

TME88 says:

7min 24 ……thats Supreme confidence right there. BOSS

noelsplectrum9 says:

The greatest

Rick C says:

his putting doesn’t get enough credit

Daniel Rubiano Chona says:

Tiger is THE BEST

Chocolaterain2471617 says:

Shot at 2:37! Tiger keeps on dropping his balls where ever he likes too!

Taylor Zalewski says: is probably his most icon shot, 15 hole I believe at the masters,
the famous chip with the nike logo before falling in

Derek Hull says:

no music, just regular commentary and contact of shot would suffice, great
video though

Richard Handler says:

7:40 WOW he actually has a mallet in his hand, I never thought I would see
the momentary day in which he put anything other than a flat scotty in his

Dreama40 says:

I miss him….

Suraphol Kruasuwan says:

Amazing thanks

Paul Davies says:


K O Я N says:

Seems as though uploaders on Youtube have no idea what HD means.. cool vid
though but dont lie 2 us

colton dorion says:

this music does not suit these unbelievable shots

Vitor Argento says:

the best shot in the master augusta 2005?

bioparahti says:

Running after the putt against Bob May?

asfaf wfawf says:

no crazy hook shot from the masters? oh… hooks are normal for hacks i

Brett Scotty Keitel says:

The Best Of Tiger.

Lievyon says:

Ya HD my ass

Ryan Scholl says:

Ball Striker is a moron

Christophe Levère says:

lol HD

Graham Wiles says:

No one who has ever played the game has been able to hit shots like Woods.
Cant see him not winning any more majors.

watercolorist7 says:

Most impressive shot is at 1:13.. Down hill bunker lye.. That’s where u see
the Houdini of tiger. His best shots though are all the 5 to 8 footers he
drains for par. A putting savant. Not as glamorous though!

Ball Striker says:

Peds all the way.

Slimron Thaplaya says:

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