The Easiest Golf Swing to Learn – Science and Moe Prove it – Single Plane

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Learn why the single plane golf swing is the easiest to learn and repeat, and also the best swing for those who have back pain, and other problems. Science has proven the single plane to be better then the conventional golf swing, and our video tells you why.

Single plane is also known as single axis, but is also sometimes confused with the one plane swing, which really is just a conventional swing as the club in that swing is moving on two planes.

Moe Norman developed his Single Plane golf swing intuitively and became known as the best at hitting a golf ball straight of any golfer in the history of the game. Ken Venturi called Moe “Pipeline Moe”, because Moe not only hit all the fairways, but he hit it dead center where the water pipeline was on the courses back then.

Kirk Junge was a Natural golf certified Instructor who taught in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Florida cities of West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Naples, and Fort Myers. He was also responsible for answering customers golf swing related questions on the companies website at where he answered over 3000 such questions.

Kirk has perfected the art of teaching the Single Plane swing and has designed a system that will help anybody more easily learn the swing then ever before. Using a simple step by step learning process which you can follow at home, or when you are at the driving range. For more info visit

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