Tiger Woods – Fail Compilation (2010 Masters & US Open)

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Best Tiger Woods’ failed shots from 2010. Everything from mishits, duck hooks, slices, fatties, over-cooks, misreads, temper tantrums, and shanks. Tiger Woods is a mere mortal, one who lost what he was given by his own choice…

“Palmer and Player and Nicklaus,
Were a Big Three that never tricked us.
Palmer’s army continually roared,
And Player had his moments adored,
And Nicklaus’ wins — how they soared!
How wonderfully often they’d lift us,
This Palmer and Player,
This Palmer and Player and Nicklaus.” – Dorthy Parker, 1967.

NOTE: I am trying to get footage from 2012 of Tiger Woods falling apart on the golf course but he wasn’t in contention most the year… nuff said on part 2 me thinks.