Tiger's career earnings are INSANE! + The Ladies Play Augusta – Finch Weekly

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In this Finch Weekly we look at an amazing graphic showing Tiger Woods’s career earnings + the ladies play at Augusta in a competition for the first time.

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Johnathon Andrew says:

Great video Peter as always, amazing to see Tigers earnings in comparison to others,he is just quite possibly the best golfer we will ever see,. Would love to see more clubs and tournaments including women. However if they compete against the men they should play off of the same tee's. But this is a great sport and should be inclusive of all

Hoonny Hoonny says:

Prize money also exploded once tiger said hello world.

e james says:

am I crazy or have I not seen tiger in an advert lately? dat's where da big money be…..

Bernard Linstrom says:

Please stop telling us to subscribe and to "comment on everything you see in the video"… Thanks

Paul Anthony says:

Pete how many LPGA tournaments have you watched this year? Not including Carly booth. I can't see anyone that is a fan of golf spending 4 days to follow the women's league. If you don't have a female following of the LPGA it simply will not happen. We can't expect men to embrace and expand the sport for the ladies.

Paul P says:

Peter, are you heading to The Masters next week?

Kevin Maguire says:

Crossfield music

usadcunts says:

The guy who surprises me is Charles Howell lll, I think he only has three career wins but has earned over $38 million.

Angry Yooper says:

I support Augusta caving to political correctness. So what they fought it for years, they should have caved a long time ago. SMDH, unsubbed.

David Morrans says:

My 11 year old child simply cannot understand why golfers forced to wear long trousers in 100 degrees. It’s stupid

David Morrans says:

Can you start a campaign to get shorts allowed on tour. It’s daft especially as ladies allowed. There is athletic angle to golf so shorts should be allowed. IMHO all dress codes need binned..it’s a barrier..end of

Ciaran Jones says:

Like for more pete

Glenn Watson says:

You just cannot get a ticket to that women's tournament.

Jim says:

Golf majors needs to be more like the tennis. Same competitions at the same venues, but obviously run at separate weeks. Why not even have mixed doubles match play every now and then as a separate comp?!

beaney56 says:

My only problem with a ladies masters would be they would need either forward tees or an easier layout. So you would have a direct comparison between the mens and women's masters. This would show how much easier the female setup golf course is vs the much harder mens setup golf course. I think it would be a big negative.

Robert Graham says:

Peter finch for prime minister

Charles Rogers Golf says:

i was watching a old video as looking at he g30 stuff but your swing used to be soo good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWXZT-oc7L0

WoodyLongone says:

The swingweight in your irons? The same as the rest of the bag?

Rob Biles says:

Oh to be Tiger's caddie, that money would be enough for me. Go the girls, about time. I disagree with the golf hole stadium comment Pete. In 50 yrs we will be playing virtual golf in our living rooms at places like Augusta along side not only the then stars but the stars of the past. Just think, playing a four ball with Jack, Arnie and the 2022 British Open champ Pete Finch.Just noticed Pete, 180K subs. Well down.

brandon ilsley says:

Should have messaged saying for a game down that way I’m local

brandon ilsley says:

Why you at the shire?

Paddy Golf says:

That April Fools though 🙈 totally fell for that aswell

Paddy Golf says:

Great to see the ANWA take place, especially with our own Olivia Mehaffey taking part 👊🏻🇮🇪

Adrian says:

just watched the women amateurs at the masters – it was brilliant and some fantastic golf shots were played by the winner coming in – would be great to see women masters

Nathan Nobbs says:

Next winter I want you to deliver your Finch weekly in the same chair, but in front of a crackling fire wearing a smoking jacket maybe with a glass of scotch in hand?

James Harvey says:

Where was the ladies amateur coverage? I've not seen anything anywhere?? Nice video Pete.

Jay McGillicuddy says:

You looked nice and relaxed Peter. Courses are finally open here in New Hampshire. Playing in the morning.

Bernard Blood says:

Bubba only just creeping on then off .

Young hoggY says:

Payne Stewart was/is/always will be my favorite golfer. I was surprised at how long he stayed in top 15 after he passed away. How cool would it be for the Drive Chip and Putt kids to see the women playing at Augusta! Mark your calender from today for first woman compete at The Masters.

Swan Design says:

Speaking of women's golf, who are your favourite LPGA tour players of all time?
My top 5: Annika Sörenstam, Natalie Gulbis, Michelle Wie, Karrie Webb & Lexi Thompson.

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