US PGA Predictions with Kev Harper

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Steve Buzza catches up with Kev Harper on who we think will win this week’s US PGA and what Kev is currently up to.

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sparko2012 says:

played in the open and works in Lidl! shows how tough pro golf is

christopher shepherd says:

Kevlar!! Get back on these vlogs!

Nathan Jones says:

We need another match with Kev in!! You and big Kev vs coach and Harry hill #buzzalong

Aussie Larrikin says:

Kevlar are you a Kiwi?

Aussie Larrikin says:

Wow what terrible punts boys……!

Steve Taylor says:

Harper reping NZ lov it:-)

Mark Spackman says:

mystic meg buzz lol, have a mental image of you dressed like a gypsy with a crystal ball. what has been seen can not be unseen arghhhhhhhh.

Alan Terry says:

We all miss Kevin!!!

brendos444 says:

funny that when jday has been quiet in a few tournaments, his name tends to drop off these winners picks. I think he'll be right up there on Sunday.

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Holy crap! Harper, in the flesh?!

Adam Flynn says:

As it turns out ur picks were rubbish (but i suspect alot of people would go with those guys) nice to see kev again (we all have to pay the bills👍) hope the events go well 👊

Nigel Wadsworth says:

Great to see the Kevlar again. Good luck on the Euro tour! You ever thought of going with him, Steve?

MegaJoeytube says:

Great to see Kev again. Buzza you need to get him in some Vlogs.

Mark Spackman says:

Andy sullivan

Mark Spackman says:

both shocking picks lol

Gopher says:

Get Kev back on the vlogs buzz. Go to RND, you can spray it every where 😂

adee737 says:

Kev looks like spud from trainspotting lol

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