🎯 PAR 3 5-Iron Challenge with World Number 1 Scottie Scheffler | INSIDE THE OPEN | WEDNESDAY

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We follow McIlroy, Fleetwood and Hovland on their final practice round, Keopka around the players room and Scheffler creates a 5 iron challenge on the new 17th hole. All at Royal Liverpool ahead of The 151st Open.

Presented by @MasterCard, we bring you inside the ropes each day giving you exclusive access to on course conversations and funny moments.


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joeblowmha says:

Great to see Mr Mickelson. A great champion and gentlemen.

Nicolas Lemieux says:

Actually calling your son Tiger is the most akward thing i have ever seen.

Alex Strenge says:

Seems pretty chill. This content is 1st class. Not in your face and no commentary, no interaction with the camera, a true inside the ropes. Could watch this all day.

Kyle Sanders says:

Can't wait let's get the show going tomorrow morning.

Rob LilT says:

Safe to say The Open is winning the Golf Social Media Major for 2023, great coverage!

Mark Boyle says:

Nice one !! very enjoyable

alex samain says:

Phil and Rahm bros for life ❀

Jason says:

These videos have been amazing. The other majors should take notes.

Xav says:

If the Open championship was a GT race, Bryson would be the guy in the Hellcat

Ollie Button says:

Ted Scott appreciation comment

Pigeon_farmboy says:

Love seeing the rahmbo/lefty practice rounds

valentindegen says:

Boys on the first πŸ“ˆ

Sam Reid says:

Lets go Daily πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

Alistairs Angling says:

"Thank you for being so kind to your fans!".. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ climb out.

Brinkley Studios says:

rick and bryson clearly not mates

Bobby Few says:

This kind of content would undoubtedly boost ratings for any tournament. We want to see more than birdie putts

alfandeddie says:

Golfers arriving, riveting stuff.

Tony Beard says:

The guy over 40 asking Phil for his autograph and thanking him for being so nice to his fans. Borderline pathological


holy shit phil mickelson aged fast as fuck in 2years man should hit the doctors

Stephen Ford says:

Classy golf Marco, hope you find a better caddy than Fryer for the Open!

Jason Lewis says:

Rickie like I'm getting away from this loser Bryson lol.

Wesley Wright says:

I love these so much

lance stevenson says:

Who tf is tiger christensenπŸ˜‚

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