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Scratch Golf Academy says:

Hello! What you would like my next video to be?


Corek BleedingHollow says:

Wow look at how much Arnold Palmer is lifting his left heel off the ground… why are all these people teaching to keep the feet planted on the ground conflicting with the technique of one of the all time greats? If he's doing it, it's obviously the right thing to do.

Danny James says:

Didn't realize Arnie took such a rip at it.

Chase Radabaugh says:

Would you be able to help me if I sent you a video? I’m struggling with my down swing and ur the best coach on YouTube. If not it’s okay but if you would take a look at it, it would be super helpful.

tat 22020 says:

Great tips. Excellent information

Basil Keen says:

All tips appreciated

Skumbag Lee says:

Hey Adam, could you please disable the automatic translations in your video titles, it´s just not the right translation and rather confusing and annoying than any helpful.
Other than that, I love your videos keep the good work up.

Ed Ssrouny says:

Should a waggle of the club be part of the shot routine?

greg papa says:

Been watching moe norman videos and yours popped up

Dave Jochum says:

Your instruction content and delivery style are excellent. In addition to the request from another viewer for help hitting a hybrid club, I would like to see fairway metals addressed.

Mike Farrell says:

Why would 13 idiots click the thumbs down,why don't they just click off?.three good tips there Adam,many thanks.

Edward says:

AB has one of the best video tips on golf games. Really appreciate his contribution to golf teachings.

Brandon McNamara says:

Over the last couple years your videos have helped my handicap shrink to one of the best in my golf league.  Keep up the good work!  Great video.

greg papa says:

Hey Adam Papagno here

Chris Roseborough says:

See the ball ….. Hit the ball ….

Walter Mair says:

Hi Adam, From Down Under, Great Videos.

Dennis Smith says:

Possibly the best educative instructional golfing on the tube,

lovetogolf says:

Excellent as always Adam!!

David Chester says:

Like to see a video on stopping the shank cheers

Stan1000000000 says:

Just wanted to say that your golf tips are extremely well done production-wise. They are very consistent and well presented. Golf-wise your tips are pretty much idiot proof and I'm an expert in that area. Felt like I needed to give you thanks for this content.

William Nicholson says:

Great video Adam!

Ri Mi says:

very much appreciate your content and approach. There's something here for every level of player. I'd be interested in your views on the importance of technology… I am playing with some MP3 Mizuno irons from turn of the century, and I love them. However, my King Cobra driver from the same era (414 cu cm) is now struggling to keep pace with the newer drivers (2016 and younger). hard to know how much is me getting older vs. playing with older technology. For instructional videos, I'd be keen on fairway and long bunker shots, and fairway 3ws. Thanks for your work.

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