? A Day In The Player's Clubhouse ? | INSIDE THE OPEN | TUESDAY

In with the players, our cameras go behind the ropes and around the players clubhouse at Royal Liverpool ahead of The 151st Open.

Presented by @MasterCard , we bring you inside the ropes each day giving you exclusive access to on course conversations and funny moments.


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24 thoughts on “? A Day In The Player's Clubhouse ? | INSIDE THE OPEN | TUESDAY

  1. Young guy on the fence being confident and polite to everyone, tour pros can’t even say words or raise a smile to him ??‍♂️ probably been planned for months and been buzzing for it, and then you have DJ who only says you’re welcome when he gets his head out of his phone and sees a camera

  2. Got to love DJ being completely silent and then saying you’re welcome after seeing the camera. That’s either focused or being a dick

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