🀝 A Day In The Player's Clubhouse 🀩 | INSIDE THE OPEN | TUESDAY

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In with the players, our cameras go behind the ropes and around the players clubhouse at Royal Liverpool ahead of The 151st Open.

Presented by @MasterCard , we bring you inside the ropes each day giving you exclusive access to on course conversations and funny moments.


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CatGPT says:

what cap is dustin johnson wearing?

Andrew Waples says:

I like the fact that you can get a haircut.

Jak Clarke says:

Young guy on the fence being confident and polite to everyone, tour pros can’t even say words or raise a smile to him πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ probably been planned for months and been buzzing for it, and then you have DJ who only says you’re welcome when he gets his head out of his phone and sees a camera

MrRobd23 says:

love that little interaction between Cam Smith & Max Homa @ 12:42

John Kelly says:

JT looks out of it..
Bet he doesn't make the cut..

H says:

For some reason I think the editor was 'on the fence' about putting DJ's segment in the video…..πŸ˜…

Martinistatzengeil says:

could watch this for hours

Largenj_Jesse says:

Scottie is just a genuinely great guy…nicest guy on the TOUR by far.

Tyler Heist says:

More of Min woo Pleaseee

Richard Ren says:

Camaron Smith will win again? He is from LIV too…

Neil Hefty says:

DJ smugly signs the kids flag, kid says "Thank You" then Dustin realizes he's on camera, and says "you're welcome."

Joseph2 says:

I love the sounds off the club faces in these videos, seems way more real than in normal coverage?

Daniel 36 says:

Got to love DJ being completely silent and then saying you’re welcome after seeing the camera. That’s either focused or being a dick

Mockaworld says:

Bro what did Scheffler do with that rubberband

Steven Tinker says:

This is all we want! Why can't every tournament have this?

Tony says:

Cameron Smith puts on his lucky Broncos cap.

Tony W1w1w1 says:

Thank you so much Open YouTube, by far the best golf content from any competition on earth, brilliant.

Suburban Thrills says:

12:14 lmao Tom Kim and Min woo discussing how much Korean food sucks around the area


Im really confused, why is cam smith there it he joined LIV?

Brinkley Studios says:

i keep forgetting how much of cunt dj can be

Phil Williams says:

It's like a summer camp for counselors only vibe

Mowser12345 says:

This is superb…. Brilliant insight πŸ‘Œ

joey5picks says:

Only @usegolffacts likes PReed

David Millar says:

Thanks for a behind the scenes look, great insight, keep up the great work πŸ‘πŸ‘

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