BIG SECRET To a STRONG Pivot & SHOULDER Turn in Golf Swing! πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ

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In today's video, Mike and Shaun are showing you exactly how to make a powerful shoulder turn and pivot with your LEAD shoulder in your golf swing. We've talked often about how much speed and power players lose in their shoulder turn, and the majority of golfers we work with have this exact problem.

We will show you the shoulder turn in the golf swing SIMPLIFIED with video swing analysis and will show you whether you should turn your shoulders in your golf swing or not.

If you want to add INSTANT power and speed in your golf swing, this is the training for you!



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Athletic Motion Golf says:


Rick Hammel says:

I started thinking about my drives like my tennis serves. Load up the back foot, make sure my right shoulder is turned further than the left, push to the left foot and, keeping the wrist loose, explode to the ball. My drives starting going consistently 320 plus when I started doing this

System Optimizer says:

How about showing an above head gears view on pros with a look at left shoulder, right shoulder, and center/neck point (like you've done for depth and width videos) since face-on video show illusions and don't display the 3-dimensional aspect of the movement?

Rama says:

Excellent video guys!

Chaddy-me-boy says:

Good video.
Does it seem that a one piece take away allows the front shoulder to start at the same time? Rather than the hands going back first with limited shoulder turn?

rizzo777777 says:

Tried this, a lot more of a body turn but for the life of me can’t stop swaying head , my head does seem to almost recenter at the top but too much movement πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Ian Robertshaw says:

Excellent. I did kind of go, WHAT NOW when you mentioned about letting the right upper arm come away from the body. I guess that’s the golf glove under the right armpit concept out of the window. Great video.

Russell Thomas says:

Love to know how to hinge the wrists in detail. Very much enjoy your videos. Thanks, Russell from Perth, Western Australia

John Mackman says:

Hi Mike & Sean, firstly, another great teaching video !! What sets you guys apart is the GEARS technical evidence to back up the information and ideas. I have learnt so much since I became a subscriber. To be honest there are lots of pieces that take some time to grasp or have a β€˜oh yeah now I get it’ moment. I’m still battling with working out exactly how the hands/wrists move through the swing (Basically mine had developed poor movement patterns to compensate or resulted from to swing flaws that I’m gradually sorting out) so a deep dive around the hand’s perhaps for a future vid? – I’m a 12 h/cap.
All the best to you fellas and your subscribers for 2022 and beyond.

Omnis says:

I feel like I'm watching a southern version of Me n My Golf with the way yall are wearing the same thing 🀣

Just News says:

Awesome content and even though I don’t have this issue I forwarded it for 2 of my friends that it would help!

rgailun1113 says:

An old drill advocated by Jim Flick

Adam Barnes says:

Finding you guys has been a blessing. For 20 years I played off my back foot, your re-centering lesson has completely changed my game. I'm no longer casting and coming in steep. For me, the gears software provides the visual learning I respond to best. Thank you.

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