Flower VS James ¦ Hole In One Golf Challenge ¦ Fail… Yes this video is Hilarious…

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Golf Tour Pro Harry Flower & Golf Long Drive Competitor James Wiltshire have a Hole In One Competition on the 12th hole at Augusta National.

Thank you to the Bunker Indoor Golf & Multi Sport centre in Newton abott for having us. If you in the area make sure you go check it out, really cool facility!!

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Mr. Bob Gray says:

Skin tight and pre ripped…. what a rumpkin.

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

amazing comment

Phil Bill says:

Your ballflight looks quite low, right?

Malcolm Powder says:

This is an appeal on behalf of James WIltshire. Just £3 per month could help buy James some vaguely acceptable trousers or some proper socks so he doesn't have to borrow his girlfriends. Please give just £3, or whatever you can afford. Thank you.

John McCormick says:

Perhaps a course vlog with Harry & James "Gorilla Flower" vs Crossfield & Coach Lockey "The Muppets"

brandon ilsley says:

Let’s all call James ????

George Loxley says:

course vlog needed m8, plus you accidently showed GJ number, in b4 dick pick and cyber bullying

Chris H says:

Might want to edit out James's number just a suggestion.

Kevin Kastner says:

When are we going to see the two of you in a course vlog?

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