Going in the bag? Original One Mini Driver has confused me ?

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Quest for the Open – Episode 12 – Season Four – in this video we look at my most recent comp, the TaylorMade Original One Mini Driver and how focused practice can work.

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Jack says:

My golf quest is to play as much golf with my friends as i can this year, and hopefully i can enter a few tournaments possibly with them too

Adam Chapman says:

My goal is to enjoy life there's no better place than a golf course it makes you feel alive especially with good friends around you

bradley cahill says:

My goal: use golf as a platform to reconnect with friends I have lost touch with

JP Vlok says:

My golf quest:
Winning club champs and qualifying for next years Boyd Quaich university's tournament at St. Andrews. It's been a dream of mine to play there!

Craigo S says:

Going to Belgium on a golf tour at the end of next month, currently playing off 28. My aim is to be under 300 over the three days. Currently averaging 100 a round. Hoping I can do it! Good luck with your quest!

Max Stone says:

My goal is just to be the best golfer I can be and try to enjoy it as much as I can

anthony beaulieu says:

my golf quest… go from a 7-8 handicap down to a 4-5 handicap and finding an online or in person coach to help me do so for the ultimate goal to become a Canada Golf Professional!

DeZy King says:

My goal: Never forget its about having fun while playing (not get mad as much lol)

cfields192 says:

My golf quest

I would like to be able to break 100 and atleast have the consistency from that

Josh Gaunt says:

My Golf Quest –

To stop beating myself up when struggling on the golf course. Remain focused and learn from mistakes.

Rob Neal says:

My golf quest(s): to get good enough to beat my Father in law and not to embarrass myself driving off the first tee!!

Richard Johnson says:

My goal in golf is to improve. Don't know by how much as long as I keep improving.

William Lisenby says:

My golf quest – to get to consistently in the 70s to catch my son who has since been shooting lower than me on a regular basis. Then we can team up and do well in some 2-man tourneys over the summer before he heads back to college.

David Butler says:

Would love to have a round where I hit all 18 greens with no penalty strokes. To me that is a very clean round and would put me in a great position to score well, even if I did it once.

iJxck says:

Turn pro and play on the EuropeanTour

Andrew Fallon says:

I'm hoping to get down to mid single digit handicap again. Tiger winning got me back out to the course and range. Also got some new irons 🙂

Sam Webb-Snowling says:

My golf quest is to get down to a single figure handicap from 18. I got 36 points today playing mediocre so looking in the right direction!

Bozi91 says:

If I was to win the clubs I'd surprise my brother with them as we're both trying to break 100 and get ourselves a decent handicap so we can experience golf around the country and hopefully the world!

condansincify says:

My golf quest

Stop slicing my driver and get my putting more consistent!

Mark Tolley says:

My quest is to get to 10 handy cap abs become a more consistent golfer

Brendan Gardner says:

My goal is to constantly shoot even par every time I play a round of golf ⛳️?️‍♂️

j.spence says:

My golf quest is to play off 6 at the end of the season, which is quite tough considering I’m only off 14 now, but as you said I need to learn from my mistakes and improve

Paul Ziehm says:

My golf quest: break 70 on a par 72 course and/or hit all 18 greens in a round

Andy Beable says:

My golf quest…

Play 18 holes without losing a ball!

Andy Olson says:

my golf quest is to shoot par, just once, then maybe a second time. but once for sure.

Ronnie Casey says:

My goal. I’ve never had a lesson in my life and have worked from a 23 handicap (7 years ago) now playing off 1.0 and come down every year I’ve played and plan to become a +golfer whilst being self taught.

Ary Luyendijk says:

My golf quest is to half my handicap each year, started last year @ 48, finished the year @ 24,7 . This weekend i have dropped from 24,7 to 22,7 so still 10 points to drop this year and a whole summer to do so.
Fell in love with golf end of 2017, live and breathe golf since…

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