Golf Swing Tip: Closed Shoulders at Address

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This golf tip will help Close Shoulders at Address in the golf swing. This swing tip will get you in a better position coming down.

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Patrick Wheeler says:

This is total fact. Once I understood my shoulder relationship the game became sooooo much easier. Irons are even easier to hit with the closed shoulder. Tight draws. 7 iron went from 145 carry to 170 once I grooved the left shoulder.

Richard Parry says:

Just what I needed.

Ben Jonson says:

…good insight…

Omar J. Reyes says:

Nice. Thanks!

Gary Shearer says:

I think that’s exactly what I do. I get in front of it. Thanks for the tip!

Marceeezy says:

Feet and shoulders aimed right. Swing over the top and hit left.. ? 🤔

Steven W says:

He’s trying low left but takes it too far inside during the backswing. That’ll be $150.00 please! Hey I think I recognize that clubhouse. Could that be in South Carolina?

Arch7511 says:

Looked like you came across that yourself and banana’d it into the trees on the right. No offence.

Brian says:

Closed shoulders makes me hit iron shots fat.

Greaylin Myers says:

😂😂😂😂 get cha some of that!!!! 🏌🏾

Darren P says:

I have a very similar swing and my shoulders point to the left. Would you reccomend trying to close the shoulders or close the stance?

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