10 thoughts on “How to hit your driver farther in golf!?

  1. Not true you idiot. Look at John Rahm, DeChambeau and Finau. Your suggestion has a lot of holes in it. Go back to the drawing board or don’t post unreflective videos

  2. I out drove my friend everytime the ball went the right direction the first time I played golf. I sliced about half but every one that connected right was a bomb.
    Sent one over an entire par 3 and into the next holes green

  3. Lol, don’t worry about solid contact..
    I thought hitting the ball was a big part
    of the whole package..
    i mean how exactly do ya practice a swing without knowing how effective it is..
    Kinda runs the risk of imbedding bad habits and mistakes.. but hey
    The golf channel has no short of odd tools
    That claim to work miracles.

  4. Ya keep teaching people to get their rt arm behind their back… then they can come to me and I’ll fix them… Guys like you keep me so busy with lessons. Thank you so much

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