LPGA Top 5 Beautiful Swing & Slow MotionsㅣNelly Korda/Jin Young Ko

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Just Watching Beautiful Swing Can Help Your Golf Skill~!


Paul Hetherington says:

Godes – Gook, officer as directed. Ah sht! many(masculine) times. Damned Trojans

Paul Hetherington says:

I smell lyk, ah sht, SLOTH! TH= feminine, SLO- she's real slow.. Am half dy – si rd!

She motioned: I'm half dead. See, I read itt. THz'Al'Ien'TCH' — Triii < stopped! All this – teach in her – helmets. Damn, forensic proof – or circumstance – half dead.

Anshuman Sinha says:

Only Korda and JYK should be on this list. Inbee is one my fav players but her swing is not beautiful.

Edro says:

Korda best, JY Ko close 2nd… IMO

Sparky says:

I met Danielle when she came to Tokyo in the club house and practice rounds. She was more than really nice to me and I kinda regret not giving her more attention as opposed to having my eyes on another golfer I wanted to hang out with. Oh well. 🙁

Judy Laviolette says:

That was awesome… loved the front/back&side views.

Justin Gay says:

Na Yeon Choi's swing is where in this list?

JohnnySmalls says:

Woah, I never realized how much Nelly's driver ball position was toward the center of her stance!

vandos11 says:

They are all beautiful

Dan kool says:

J. Y. KO got some muscle's on those legs!

NOT NOW says:

#5 & 4 lovely swing

Bruce Hoyabembe says:

Great golf porn.

Philip Chan says:

In Gee Chun should be in the top 5.

Tony Siu says:

Rất đẹp

Matthau San says:

I agreed with 2 on your list. Nelly Korda and JY Ko
InGee Chun, SH Park, Lydia Ko, Allison Lee and many more I can't think on top of my head right now.

Shawn says:

Practice golf swing anytime, and at any place with any weather

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