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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the PING i25 VS TAYLORMADE JETSPEED on GC2 to see which driver is the longest off the tee. Hitting real golf balls and presenting the figures so you can see how far Rick hits the latest PING i25 VS TAYLORMADE JETSPEED

28 thoughts on “PING i25 Vs TAYLORMADE JETSPEED

  1. why do both clubs have the same distances, you use different distances for
    the averages that all. on the chart you have the same distances.

  2. It doesn’t matter how far it goes, if you can’t find it. Wish these videos
    weren’t so obsessed about distance and could help me find accuracy as well.
    But Rick is the man when it comes to passion for what he does for a living,
    no doubt.

  3. i jumped from the jetspeed review that you did in january to this and you
    averaged 280 and now your at 272 and the numbers are much better your
    spinning less and the peak height was lower. I mean I get that days change
    warmth affects distance and what not but maybe you didnt feel as confident
    with the jetspeed as you did the i25. this is just a thought 🙂 

  4. Can you hit the ball consistently with a driver which will keep you on the
    fairway. This is the critical aspect of using a driver . . I use a HL, and
    this keeps me on the fairway, mind you my handicap is 11. So don’t go with
    9 degree to 10.5 look at HL first and see how consistent you are hitting
    the fairways 

  5. First, and only, logical head to head comparison test for two drivers. It
    makes much more sense to set up the clubs for desired launch angle and spin
    rate then test them against one another. Otherwise it’s just a “grab off
    the rack” test and I like to think your audience is more sophisticated than
    that. Good job!

  6. Continue to love your work Rick, but you keep going on about high spin
    rates when you seem to achieve your best results with higher spin rates and
    mid launch. Check your i25 data at the end of the video. Continue the great
    work Rick

  7. Rick – Just for fun I’d like to see 913d3 vs i25. There is a lot of
    chatter in the forums on how the 913d series is spinny and short relative
    to the current crop. Yet it’s one of the longest (and most accurate!)
    drivers on tour in the hands of the right players/right fitting (citation
    PGA Tour Distance stats, 5 of top ten spots). So the debate continues.
    CLEAR IT UP FOR US! A lot of folks are obsessed with the 913d3 and won’t
    give it up for anything. I’m one!

  8. Hey! Could you try the ping i25 up against the titleist 913? You dosent got
    as many reviews on the titleist, so it would be fun to see the big
    “classic” clubmakers against one another 🙂
    Love you’re vids! Keep them cuming :)

  9. +RickShielsPGAGolf Rick in the light of looking for higher launch but low
    spin rate for distance. Lately you’ve been getting some 14, 15, 16 degree
    LA’s what’s been the kind of club AoA average? +(plus) but what kind of

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