Squat Day. My 3rd set of 130lbs, 5 reps.
100lbs for a double at 113lbs bodyweight
Squatting 155lbs for 5 reps. 5th set of 6 supersetted with body weight jump squats not shown. Like my speed and depth, but would like [Tips]
Updated 1rm for: Flat bench 125lbs at 116lbs body weight. I had wanted to go for two, and thought about it after the first rep, [Tips]
12/12/12 Deadlifting 200lbs for 1 rep at 112lbs body weight. It's not pretty, but I was not going to NOT get this off the ground [Tips]
205lbs, second set of 3. This is a 3 rep PR for me. Really hard to get a good read on my depth here… think [Tips]
May 29, 2015 Pulls+Snatch practice
I really wanted it for 3:/ I realize now it's hard to see what I have on the bar (a 45 and 25 on each [Tips]
FB Page: www.facebook.com/charliebrooke8 Twitter: www.twitter.com/charliebrooke8 IG: @charliebrooke8 200lbs for a single, followed by 210lbs. Both beltless squat PR's. Singles followed by 135 for 4 sets [Tips]
May 31, 2013 at 116lb bodyweight. This was very challenging for me. Second set of 3 followed by a set of 2 and then deficit [Tips]
140lb back squat for 5 reps at 112lb bodyweight.
Dad joined me today, well long enough to give me a spot 🙂 120lb single on flat bench and a sample of my chest and [Tips]
5/27/15 Some pulls + snatches from todays workout.
Wish I had gotten my 5 rep set on video! Next time 🙂 I did this for a set of 5 prior to this set [Tips]
Fox Sports reporter Holly Sonders weighs in on Canadian LPGA golfer Brooke Henderson.