Tiger Woods, Freddie Couples, Rory McIlroy Golf Swings at Masters Golf Practice Rounds

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This is Day 2 video coverage of the 2012 Masters Practice Rounds featuring the golf swings with slow motion of Tiger Woods, Freddie Couples, Sean O'Hair, Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Webb Simpson, Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy and others.

For DAY 1 Masters Golf Video go here:

Video link to Masters Day 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3oeAiHIDNw

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/hermanwilliamsgolf/

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johnysac420 says:

God Webb Simpson has such a Hack swing. If he didn’t cheat and use a long
putter he would have never won a major.

darkhorse2reign says:

really enjoyed that! Thanks for the unique perspectives.

Adam Levin says:

what the hell is with Weir’s shirt??

DjTak3On3 says:

really not a fan of steel’s swing but it works for him

Dermot Dunne says:

When I was a little younger I had a slice but then I over fixed it to a
hook, I then realised that a slice got a lot more distance, so now I try to
hit a small fade

Curtis Fisher says:

Watching the closed caption translation for your commentary is
hilarious…..watch some great golf swings and laugh, thank you CC.

JB Golf says:

Great video will we see videos for masters practice rounds 2014

sandra paola prada bautista says:
Lugzeh says:

excellent video, i really enjoyed it and i think i learned a few things

Oosher Eid says:


charliekinggolf says:

nice one!.. i will try this!

Bonawah18 says:

brilliant. great video. thanks

Tom Miller says:

Thank-you for putting this video up. I think I remember you making one of
these videos last year.

golf4life89 says:

Thanks a lot from Switzerland! 😀

shukigkato says:

Fantastic video, thanks man!!

Herman Williams Golf says:

Yes, I did get to play it in 1995 the year Crenshaw won. Most amazing place
and amazing experience. You really feel the history when you are actually
walking down the fairway.

87jeLLi says:

Really good vid man 🙂 keep up the good work!

Philip Nye says:

rory is the best

AlexH09 says:

Foley doesnt coach Sean O’hair anymore. since a year

david1golfer says:

10.25, aiming so far into the gallery lol

bud radis says:

ohair fired foley last season…

Willem Corstjens says:

check out my golf swing 🙂

Herman Williams Golf says:

Thanks … I hope my students think that. 🙂

Bodycage says:

It’s not.

Herman Williams Golf says:

Yes he tends to get more wrist cock on the downswing known as downcocking
or downloading. Years of doing it has prepared him to have the hand speed
to both unhinge and bow the left wrist into the ball much like Ben Hogan
used to do. It’s not the easiest technique to learn as it is happening in
fastest part of swing, but it can be effective with enough training.

MrElculver2424 says:

Tiger’ swing looked so good in this video. Don’t know what happened the
rest of the week!

legalsolutions07 says:

Thank you for the inside coverage. It’s something most of us don’t get to
see. You mentioned that you’ve attended the Masters for some twenty years.
Have you ever been able to play the course? If so, how many times and what
did you think?

audiopro316 says:

Best tee-action award: Fred Couples – 1:45

birdienfool says:

Herman, Thanks for posting these. I’m sure most of us have never been
there. I had a friend go last year and he said the greens are twice as
sloped as they appear on TV. Maybe when we get my swing fixed up I’ll try
to convince you to caddie for me at next year’s Masters ! Rob

David Burrows says:

Great vid and commentary, thanks!

Graeme Dymond says:

is that a penalty 15:18

baboegli says:

this is one of the best golf videos i have ever see. great voice, great
positivity and great knowledge of the game. thanks

Herman Williams Golf says:

No … the ball is actually not in play yet on the tee and he had no intent
to strike it. This would have been a penalty if the same had happened in
the fairway.

Herman Williams Golf says:

You should see me balancing two cameras, running both at same time trying
to make sure they are steady and viewfinders lined up. So yes, some of
these shots are done that way & edited together. However you can set the
Casio to film at “30-120fps” & then use right & left arrow button to toggle
back & forth between the 2 speeds while filming. You lose the audio when in
slow motion though. Settings are found by clicking Menu>Quality>HS
Speed>30-120fps. Top dial is set to “S.” Shutter speed is 2000.

logieberra says:

You do a great job with these videos. Thanks for this!

egante says:

considerable amount of cup in Webb Simpson’s left wrist (5:40). What does
he do well to counter this on the downswing? thanks

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