►Best 5 Formula 1 Racing Drivers Of All Time►

►Best 5 Formula 1 Racing Drivers Of All Time————

Best 5 Formula 1 Racing Drivers Of All Time—————————————————————

1.Ayrton Senna

Brazilian Ayrton Senna is our number 1 Formula 1 driver. He was the most entire and common dashing driver that has ever got in the driver's seat. He won three big showdowns before being deplorably murdered in a crash in 1994 at the San Marino Grand Prix.

2. Juan Manuel Fangio

Equation 1 had its inaugural season in 1950, and for its first decade it was commanded by Argentinean Juan Manuel Fangio. He won 5 big showdowns, incorporating one for Ferrari in 1956. It was an alternate period in the 1950s with the autos being more simple, and security was non-existent. Fangio not just survived, he exceeded expectations.

3. Jim Clark

Scottish dashing driver Jim Clark won two big showdowns in the 1960s. He was a normally skilled driver who could contend in an auto race – not exclusively did he win the Formula 1 big showdown in 1965, he additionally won the Indianapolis 500 that same year. He was executed at 32 years old in a mishap while dashing Formula Two autos in Germany.


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