?️‍♂️Best Driver Swing For Senior Golfers (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

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Golf Driving For Seniors (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

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Matt Lord says:

Awesome stuff as always Adam. These tips are also useful for some of us golfers in our 30s who aren't as flexible as we would like to be:) Great tips, and great work on your Gain 25 yards course!

Lisa Legros says:

Great video! GET READY FOR GOLF – Before you head out for the golf range, get your Practice & Progress printable to help your track your improvements throughout the golf season http://www.privategolfpro.ca/template.php

Time spent on the range is time well spent ?

Jeff Stern says:

For a future video focusing upon swings for seniors, include actually applying methods with golfers that have bodies somewhat typical that struggle around the course. Put in front of the camera two or three people that fit the description- The pudgy, the obese and the one that swears he has never taken a lesson. Now that would make for a Very interesting presentation. Me, I'm part of the skeptics squad.

Mike Kerwin says:

Keep coming back to this video. It seems I learn something different, each time I watch it, much appreciated.

David Norris says:

Great video Adam I'm in my 60s and do find it hard to get club further back so gonna try this at the range and the mirror thanks

John Hackney says:

If you are a senior golfer and you want to hit longer, just do what all these pros do. Ok, got it.

Bobby S says:

I can pivot more than 90 degrees so I am fairly limber. The problem I have is my shoulders, especially my right shoulder, keep me from getting my arms back and up into a good position at the top.

Rolando Cecchini says:

I intend to try the instruction seen here.
Very good demonstration of what is good and what to avoid.

James Banks says:

I'm looking for more footage on senior swings.I have a bad back but love golf

Neil Bailes says:

Adam, thank you, until now I have been too flat.  I will try this on the course tomorrow.

Pete says:

This is poor advice for senior golfers and certainly not up to Mr. Bazalgette's normally high standards.
 He starts by comparing the swings of Jason Day and Payne Stewart. However the only difference he comments on is the fact that Payne has a longer backswing and Mr. Bazalgette then goes on to encourage senior golfers to achieve this by consciously reaching/stretching up. Completely ignored are the reasons Mr. Stewart is able to swing in this manner (apart from his relative youth and athletic ability), namely he allows his left heel to rise and his hips to freely rotate. In fact if you see video of virtually all the great golfers from Bobby Jones through to the best of the 80s, such as Jack Nicklaus, this was the way to swing a golf club. And this still makes so much sense for senior golfers with limited flexibility (and probably also for most mid/high handicappers irrespective of age) since there is less stress on the body and less danger the golfer will sway/lose balance unlike those who stretch to make a big backswing while restraining their left foot and hips. If it worked for the greats of golf why is it wrong for today's seniors? The claim, repeated by Mr. Bazalgette, that you need to create torque between upper and lower body to generate power is dubious – look at how far these golfers from previous generations hit the ball with equipment much inferior to ours – and for sure, that torque is only going to increase the back and neck problems that plague senior golfers.

Mr. Bazalgette also advocates increasing wrist cock. This is potentially very misleading. It's a complicated subject and really needs to be discussed in conjunction with wrist hinge and grip. For example the impact of wrist cock will be depend on whether a golfer has a strong or weak grip. He demonstrates wrist cock with what appears to be a neutral golf grip so that the cocking/uncocking motion of his wrists moves the club face at right angles to the path of the club head at impact. I'd like to see an explanation of why more motion in this "up/down" direction will contribute to club head speed in the (for right hand golfers) "right to left" direction as the club head travels along the intended path. One thing for sure – the more you cock your wrists the more you need to uncock them so just one more opportunity for something to go wrong 🙂

Graham Smith says:

Hi senior golfer here, please explain in detail the first downward move/feeling from the top of the backswing? As i have started turning more in my backswing, but a lot of my shots are going straight left of the club?

steve perry says:

adam, any time we see the pros the hands and the club handle appear way over their heads and i've never been able to achieve that and is it necessary? i feel collapsed at the top, do i need to stretch and pivot the body more to get to the top. my hands and arms have always felt too close to the right shoulder at the top.

Allan Gregory says:

My natural movement when I first started playing was to raise my left heel. My pro worked ages with me to have me keep it on the floor. With a raised heel I got down to 16 in six months. Keeping my heel on the ground and thirty years later I was never better than 12 and I have hit plenty of balls. Ive been working for the past twelve months on letting my heel come off and I am playing better than ever. My handicap is now 10 and I am 68. Go figure. Wish I could find my old pro so I could kill him.

Anthony Lennen says:

Adam I will see you in person on Friday and have been working on this. When I try to lengthen or widen my backswing I struggle with keeping my upper body on plane – I tend to raise up a bit which makes my swing too steep – at least that's how it looks on camera and feels to me. Hopefully you can help me with this in person! Tony

Al L says:

A well thought out and presented tutorial. Will put these pointers to practice ASAP! Thank you.

john antony kilkenny says:

Excellent instruction as usual Adam!

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