?Golf Swing Inside Out Drills (COPY THESE!)

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Matt Lord says:

This channel should be called "Golf Instruction Greatest Hits." Love the drills in this video and really enjoyed the Solid Strike video course as well. Thanks so much Adam for your commitment to helping us golfers get better at this crazy game!

Jack Burge says:

Started this drill today and topped almost every shot, going to stick with it and hopefully develop that in to out swing!

Bryan Dilworth says:

What iron do you suggest to practice with? 7?

Bob Inskeep says:

Pretty sure this is the core of my problem – combination of bad path and poorly squared club face. To hear it could take weeks helps encourage me to be patient and take my time, being realistic about how difficult it is to change poor habits. Thanks

Marc Lissoway says:

I have been trying to stop coming over the top or out to in, I can’t wait to try this drill. Thanks

Weird Mood says:

Great drill. Thank you.

Allan Benoit says:

You're a phenomenal teacher. I'm sure you've been told that 1000 times. Thanks for the tips!

fireant222 says:

Finally someone bright enough to teach the patient approach. I don’t think anyone can permanently fix a golf swing in one lesson. I think it has to be developed based on simple, broad themes…then refined over time with gentle, practiced adjustments. Thanks again for not forcing people to panic.

marisarosenthal9 says:

Greatest drill ever. 10-20 yards per club, didn't even practice just started doing it in the 1st tee, shot 35

Jett Jones says:

Will laying off the club at the top make this harder? I tend to be really out to in

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