?Avoid These MENTAL Golf Swing Mistakes (FIX THIS!)

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Avoid These MENTAL Golf Swing Mistakes (FIX THIS!):

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Matt Lord says:

Hey Adam. Not only is quieting the mind extremely important for a repeatable golf swing, but it's rarely discussed. Thanks for bringing this topic to light. And great work on your solid strike formula course. It's helped me immensely!

Don McIntyre says:

The toughest 6” in golf!

Jared Smith says:

I'm not sure if it's a good strategy, but it helps me as a relatively new golfer – I focus on the location of the divot I'm about to make (or the path of the driver through the ball). This calms my mind, but also gives immediate feedback about my swing. I try to take just a moment to verify the divot/club path before looking up for the ball which also helps me keep my head down.

Simon Templar says:

This is fascinating, I have never thought of this concept of quietening the conscious mind. Will definitely give it a try.

gdubsie4 says:

This guy is great and Michael Breed has his own golf channel on YouTube now.


In stead of trying to control, trying to observe.
Great advice!
Remembering Tim Gallwey's the Inner Game of Golf.

Shawn Mitchell says:

You should start a Patreon account. I don't think I can get a lesson from you, but your videos are great and I'd like to support your free content.

Darrell says:

I can relate to everything you said , thanks for a great tip !

xX_The Artful Dodger_Xx says:

So the goal here, for the drill at least, is to try and keep your mind on anything else but mechanical and or results oriented thoughts correct? Thus training your mind to relax and accept the fact that it doesn't need a million swing thoughts going on to hit a decent shot. I will try this next time I practice with my focus being Amy Adams in a bikini, that will get me to stay focused! ? ? ?

Timothy Daniels says:

I find that looking at the grass on the target side of the ball usually leads to a decent shot. It clears my mind and helps create a better motion through contact.
Thank you Adam.

Michael Edwards says:

Great video , always wanted to know how to keep "noise" out of my swing thoughts ,

Dan Downing says:

Adam, I really love your instruction and approach. I wish I lived in Florida so I could work with you on my game. These videos fill in the blanks that I am missing with the teachers in my area.

harrydean bentzel says:

Concentration is the ability to think of nothing. Heard that yrs ago. Still trying to do it

roger king says:

I am working on something and it seems to be quite helpful . Now I should do it automatically , from practice while focusing
on say the shadow of a dimple, or any thing really. This has been a mind blowing lesson and I thank you for it.
You are a great thinker. Salute from MICHIGAN.

W R Butler says:

Quiet the mind. Is Adam becoming the Yoda of golf??

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