1 'Secret' Trick for Incredible Distance and Accuracy in Your Golf Swing!

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The path of a golf club's handle is incredibly important yet often overlooked in developing a good golf swing. Let's take a look at how this puts a turbo charge in your clubhead speed and driving distance, while improving your accuracy! You will hit longer and straighter shots!

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Patrick Dowling says:

Or, as we say at Bushwood: FINISH the swing, people!
And Byron Nelson saidm: the right arm provides the power and feel, but the Left arm is the guide from start to finish.
Just get them hitting that llittle ol draw!

Kerry Flitter says:

My pro tried to show me this, but I couldn't get my head round it. This sheds a bit more light on it, thanks.

Joseph Veltri says:

This was a very good explanation of this concept. Not many people realize this. If you watch a slo mo of the pros you will see them doing this. Its not apparent at a casual glance.

Lee Angioletti says:

Many drills involve swinging in to out, so wouldn’t the handle have to go toward he right of second base to hit a draw?

9tube1 says:

Sorry – don’t get it

Mike Beck says:

Thanks Steve, excellent lesson.

swisstrader says:

Wow. Not sure why we needed 13 mins to explain and my head still spinning a bit about what the actual “secret” is all about. Many instructors out there espouse focusing on the grip end of the club. Tell us in a few short sentences what it is you’re after.

bill ding says:

Wow. Archimedes has returned from the past and is now teaching golf. Hey kids, it's just simple physics, water-skiing and baseball. Oh, and a degree in physics will really help. As it's said, for every complex and non intuitive problem, there is a simple solution…..that is wrong.

Edgar Cortez says:

Fantastic video Steve thank you for sharing!

Paul Goodier says:

wow some crap you are selling there my friend! wow!

bud licht says:

Steve, if your hands are suppose to disappear around your front side (down-the -line view) how do you explain why a lot of pros' arms, hands and club are visible when right arm is parallel to the ground in the follow through?

mabblers says:

Great video, really good explanation.

Peter Martinaitis says:

Same swing ideas as Mike Malaska.

TrojanMars1 says:

Great video and explanation! Guess the secret is out now! ?

Walter viti says:

The topic is pure modern golf swing knowledge. Brilliant explanation, where some are using the turning of a steering wheel or tennis racket to explain the proper loading technique for shafts. We'll done!

Cordell Hadeed says:

Lovely video wow. I'm playing golf 2.5 years and just getting the confidence to hit my driver, my handicap is 17.3 and Projected 15.4.
I'm taking lessons and have had 2 driver lessons, 1 was posture and ball position and the other was back, down and through swing.
What an interesting video this was because I love baseball so the references made total sense.
I'll bring up this topic with my Pro at The Els Club Claudia Harmon III Academy and see what's his take on it.
Thanking you once again and wishing you the very best.

Ray Ray says:

Thanks for the advice and the simple physics lesson. Not something that is typically thought about in the golf swing but is very important when considering distance and accuracy.

1cleandude says:

Very similar to Mike Malaska’s tipping concepts!! Good lesson Steve!

Dave Andrew says:

Love all your videos. One thing that I can not get my head around.i watched this video about smooth swings went to range and tried it out.After half hour I was hitting it lovely.I went on course at hit it great.yesterday I played my first comp. from the 6 times I hit driver 3 were perfect but 3 were as bad as it gets.i can't understand this.not quite as good as the other drives ok, but a complete duff 3 times.I didn't feel I did anything different.your help would be great.thanks

Jaime Gaskin says:

Not click bait; it definitely made total sense to me as I had recently discovered this while practicing a similar hand movement. I immediately noticed the improvement, and have been refining it ever since. I’m glad I came across this video as it has reinforced my efforts.

Mark Hunermund says:

After watching this, I've been club head bound my whole golfing life, 59 years. Been playing around with single plane swing for better contact, but, with little success. I'll try to work more on handle than head and see where that leads.? What would you recommend? I was a scratch when a teen, but with kids and life in general went to a 3 for many years. In the last 2 years gone to a 6, and rising

🙁 , any recommendation re single or 2 plane? Thanks for the videos.

Birdie Gof says:

Steve, that is the best explanation of how the lever works in a golf swing that I've ever seen. I think if golfers would focus on handle/hand path and forget about all the different position stuff that their golf swings would improve dramatically. Fantastic demo!

beltunaman says:

Love it. Its something I’ve been working on but as you point out I either pull the handle out to one o’clock resulting in a push or I throw the butt end outward then pull it left resulting in a bad pull or a slice when I open the club face. The part I am not doing is “ turning around the corner. “ Will the face square up or do I need to rotate my forearms through impact. Thanks for this. Look forward to your reply.

Cliff Hitchcock says:

Could be one of the best golf tips ever for me. Hope to be able to give it a try as it is now mid-October in Michigan. Thanks, CH

Raheel Murtaza says:

This is great still for pull hooks …but just wanna know should I feel the left hand trying pull the handle around the pivot …ift I start with these drills will I hook or fade at start

Paul Mucho says:

Thank you for the great video.

John says:

Too much info. Not sure what the handle path is supposed to be.

Rehman Baig says:

Awesome thanks!

Roger Smith says:

great advice steve some people do not realize how important this is for speed thanks roger

L. B. says:

I had to read the video commentary but feel this is sound advice. I'm watching it again shortly because it makes sense to me. thank you.

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