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In this video, Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman take a look after the major gear launches of 2020 to see if they can spot any trends. From drivers with less adjustability to striking new putter designs, this is their list of products to look out for on the course this year. Whether you are thinking of buying something new for your game or simply keeping an eye on key developments from the major manufacturers, the 10 biggest gear trends 2020 video should help!

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bigmoslim says:

if the best name in golf isn't Tappin I don't know what is…

Thomas Pfliger says:

Funny how they make drivers to combat the slice when a lot of tour players like the fade. I think it’s all gimmicks and still play with a fixed driver. But I guess people don’t want to learn how to properly hit the ball.

josh chakoush says:

Loved the idea of the coloured golf balls but the crows at my local golf club loved them more! After a while I got fed up seeing my shiny new balls being carried away by a bird every second hole…

gary smith6 says:

Spikeless shoes are being pushed because the grips on the soles will wear out making the consumer need a new pair quicker….its the give us ya money culture

William King says:

How about launch monitor ? Are they getting smaller or more compact and cheaper for amateurs to use?

Teddy the Wonder Lizard says:

What a heap of horseshit. Fourteen and a half minutes of spin designed to sell you something that you've already got.

Terry Trapp says:

Mark crossfields posh brother lol

malthuswasright says:

Spikeless shoes are hopeless. No traction (and I've tried Ecco ones). And once the soles have gone, that's it. It's just a scam to make you buy shoes more often.

Adam Wakefield says:

Didn’t really understand your theory on adjustable drivers. Are you claiming golfers rather not have adjustability?

William Arrington says:

I use orange or bright green/yellow because we get really large white clouds. You drive and look for your ball only to see a white cloud where your ball should be… good luck

Darren bell says:

After gaming the cobra speedzone driver i always fought a push/ slice and went back for a fitting again. Looked at the cally mavrik range and the fitter gave me the max with the rogue msi 130 shaft which i just couldn't slice. The mavrik max has transformed my fairways hit and given me a new confidence off the tee that I've never had before. It's a real sleeper and gave me better numbers than the standard mavrik.

Erich Tupper says:

Nice done. Well rounded reviews across products. Cheers!

Jonathan Corbett says:

Is his real name Tappin? Hahah

paul Bull says:

They only changed it to recycle old tech. Those weights pushed forward and low spin will be back soon lol

MilkBoy17 says:

"You cannot slice that driver" I call BS. I could slice anything, send me one and I'll prove Wilson wrong.

Tad Schroeder says:

I bought the Foot Joy RSL shoe and they are amazing.

Blast Motion for golf is probably the best tech I own. And only $89 bucks. Really helped my putting.

I do have Accross its two years old and it’s spotty on getting the shot. So I have to add 5-7 shots a round.

I also really like the PRGR launch monitor.
G each shot

Anton Phipps says:

Are those clubs with the GPS chips installed in them and sending data back to the watches allowed in competition?

George Taylor says:

3:26 different types of head ?

Garry Croy says:

Hi – I'm already using coloured golf balls and with the matte finish they don't glare as much as a white one in the sun. I think this year will see the introduction of alignment 'aids' on drivers & fairways similar to those on putters

ajaytuk says:

the bryson effect had not quite kicked in yet 🙂

Peter Donovan says:

Great work boys. Thank you. ??

Mel B says:

Great video! Does Golf Monthly have any ladies equipment recommendations or reviews, specifically irons? Or any recommended channels that do? I'm in the market to get fitted and want to do research and see some video reviews too. ?

Loki the Cat says:

Cobra connect sounds great in theory, but I bought the $250 set and gamed it 5 times, and it just doesn't track shots right.. and is wholly inaccurate.
Give it a few years and they'll hone the tech.
I returned it and got my money back.

Trevor Reckell says:

I feel like the shift to "spikeless" shoes is just because companies are realizing you will be more likely to buy new shoes sooner when you can't replace the thing giving you traction on the shoe.

Salvatore San juan says:

My game may no longer be improving – but by God, there is no stopping my golf gear!!

Steve Johnny says:

Get a girl who looks at you the way Tappin looks at Tadman

Tom Cafferky says:

Got the seed Golf ball really worth a try ??

DripSkip says:

I very much dislike how most people I see on youtube are asking me to like, comment and subscribe BEFORE offering me anything valuable… this makes me dislike you. No I will not subscribe because you tell me to, MY SUBSCRIPTION IS VALUABLE

Jim O'Sullivan says:

2 adverts pre-video, then 4 adverts in 14 minutes was ridiculous

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