10 Golf Ball Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

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These 10 golf ball secrets will show you some inside info that manufacturers don't want you to know. Ever wondered how much it costs to make a dozen balls? What about a ball that's around 30% less than major brands, but performs as well or better. I go over that and more in this video.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Chris Kennedy says:

excellent video, here's my two cents' worth: i play the Bridgestone E6, and while I don't notice a difference on driver, i DO notice a difference on mid-irons. Maybe it's just me, but i'm consistently 5-10 yards shorter with the premium balls compared to my E6 (i'm a single-digit handicapper, and i'm fine with the mid-range balls because I have a hard time predicting when the premium balls will bite or just spin ridiculously from 150 yards out). I'd really like to see some tests done with the mid to short irons with the different balls because these are really the scoring clubs.
On a side note, what I do in the wintertime is get one of those handwarmers in my pocket with 3 golf balls. I change out on each hole. It definitely helps.

Sulley Saad says:

Now u tell me!! I just bought 6 dozens vice pro soft ?! Great info though ??

Bruce Davis says:

All balls are expensive and some are less expensive but none are cheap. I play Callaways because I can afford but them and like to look good, but actually I play military golf and should be playing a less expensive ball. Just saying.

BeachBow says:

No matter what equipment you use, strike is king. If you can't hit the ball, does it really make a difference what club/ball you're using? Save the $$$ on your equipment and take lessons. You can't buy a good golf game. Just ain't gonna happen!!

ripyerballs says:

Great video Clay a fantastic insight into Tour balls vs Cheaper brands

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

Thank you for very good information. It would bee interesting also see on cource testing. How much couple thousands rpm effects wedge shot in real life. What i have test my self prenium ball have more spin and stopping power offcource. However the difference is not much. I think it all comes to how much money you want pay some extra spin couple shots per round ?

First Name says:

Interesting "positioning" video.

videom says:

How long does a golf ball will last? When should I change out a golf ball when playing?

Richard T says:

Put a couple of balls in your pocket in the winter. Keeps em warm and pliable… 😉

Thierry Koblentz says:

As far as I know, Costco still sells the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball (3-piece Urethane Cover). There is a limit of 2-dozen per membership though.

Quinnage632 says:

Extensive testing was done with MyGolf Spy with the Prov1 vs the Vice Pro Plus and the SW results alone showed that the Vice was closer than the Titliest. This is the first video you’ve done Clay which makes me think that you’re being sponsored by Snell and Titliest.

Craig wall says:

I put hot pockets in my bag to keep the balls warm on the cooler days

Quinnage632 says:

Hi Clay
Love all your videos but slightly disappointed in this one as Vice Pro isn’t listed which is a direct competitor in the premium ball market. I would have loved to see the actual test itself as the vice ball is a great ball. I’m really curious to know what Titliest do in their quality control that Vice don’t…I’m actually genuinely interested as my son has shot a 63 with a Vice recently in the UK.

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