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In this video, Neil Tappin lists out the 10 items every golfer should carry. This is not about the obvious things like clubs and balls but all those other things that can make a big difference to your game, especially in difficult weather conditions. Carrying all the things you need without making your bag too heavy is a tricky balance – Neil's pointers should help you get it right!

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HarleyJay 86 says:

This video is stupid.

BuckshotPA1 says:

Plasters? Does he mean BandAids? …must be speaking “English”, rather than “American”!

The Town Drunk says:

And always make sure you bring extra balls. I have guys I play with that seem to forget that golf is played with a golf ball, typically your own…..

The Town Drunk says:

You left out the most important item to have in the bag at all times……a fifth

Adrian Red says:

Pulled my waterproof top out of the bag the other day for the first time after lockdown, it stank like a skunk the day after a Guinness session.

Golfing Accessories R Us says:

Neil, Thanks for the great tips. You really did come up things that I would have never thought of. Thanks again.

Ryan Reed says:

Insect repellent

Doak 48 says:

Inflatable raft.

craighughes craig says:

Chocolate ?

George Shaughnessy says:

Don't forget a roll of toilet paper! I've never had to use it myself but have given it to a few friends in need after a ruff night out,

jonathan brown says:

My waterproof Galvin Bucket Hat is my favourite item, that and a good golf towel

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