10 min Booty Shaking Waist Workout- Lose inches off your waist by shaking your hips!

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43 thoughts on “10 min Booty Shaking Waist Workout- Lose inches off your waist by shaking your hips!

  1. Hi everyone… Could anyone of you suggest me good weight loss program for
    my wife? She has big problem with overweight. She has tried different
    methods and trainings but no one really worked for her (last time she lost
    10 pounds in 2 weeks and now she is gaining pounds again). If anyone knows
    any good weight loss program, please reply!
    Thanks a lot! 

  2. i just started this yesterday and im so sore i could barely do it properly
    today! im going to do 3 sets everyday of this mixed with 2 sets of her
    “waist, butt and thighs” video, plus some running. ill tell you in like 2
    months on how its going if somebody is curious :)

  3. Thanks Tiffany I love this work out. Very good for beginners. I started
    my weight loss journey about 3 months ago. I did this video twice a day
    and 1 hr cardio. Also with a diet. I use to weight 158 and now I’m at
    120. Just had a month break but now I’m back at it. Look forward to
    tighten my belly. 

  4. I’ve been doing this routine for just 3 days now, but I can already feel it
    working…I’m a man with an overweight problem (due to my ”fuck it all”
    attitude) and recently I began developing heart issues ( a.i. chest pains,
    cold sweats, legs cramps) so I looked for an exercise to help me lose the
    overweight…tried most of the other exercises on youtube, but this one
    feels like its working….I’ll keep doing it!

  5. One thing I can say is don’t do this with food in your stomach and I’m not
    even talking about full i last ate about 3 hours ago and started to get
    cramps because of the food still there.

  6. I’m trying to track calories burned…how many does this video burn.
    Thank you for your reply…I love your workouts 🙂 Thank you, thank you,
    thank you

  7. Girls… if you are wondering whether this workout works… THIS IS THE
    BEST ONE OUT THERE! I used to be a little bit chubbier around my abdomenal
    area and with this workout I have an hourglass figure. It really is working
    and I feel great doing it! In a week you are going to see the results, I
    promise you, at first it may be a little bit difficult, but it gets easier
    and easier and right now I do it plainly because I find it fun :)

  8. i started doing this workout like 2 months ago and i’ve lost a stone, along
    with this i just do squats and some abs every now and then but i do this
    workout every night! i haven’t changed my diet at all i still eat what i
    want, all i have done is stopped drinking fizzy drinks/sodas. so i drink
    alot of water now. highly recommend this if you want to lose some weight it
    has really worked for me and i look forward to doing it because its not
    strenuous it doesnt have you sweating much or going out of breath, you
    really do feel it the next day and ive had a lot of compliments on how much
    smaller my waist has gone and my stomach has gone flat too!

  9. ILUVIT!!! Watch my video by BRUNO MARS TREASURE by KL Angel & Cali **
    (2stars behind it) Thank You!! Your exercise helped me get into
    SHAPE!!!! Thank You!!!!!

  10. I love Tiffany, I meat her at Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills, she was very
    polite. We both had our hair and extensions done by the superb and fun
    staff of the salon. Brighton Salon is the best. 

  11. i did this yesterday morning and right after i felt like it didn’t do much.
    well i just woke up and my hips are so sore! it worked! i’ll do this

  12. This is the best work out in the world for an hour glass figure.

    Roxii Berry author of Mum’s gone awol…. and soon to be released FLIRTY
    FIFTY…Available on audio, kindle and paperback

  13. I’ve lost half a stone doing this workout, the Tiffany Rothe Sexy Back
    workout and the Sexy Summer workout! I’ve also lowered my calorie in take
    to 1200. Thank you so much Tiffany! I love the videos! 

  14. This is the best workout I’ve found for someone who just had a baby. I’m
    working on getting back into shape and this wasn’t very strenuous. It’s
    also a good warm up for someone who wants to seriously dance afterwards. :)

  15. This is soooooo fun! It was kinda challenging because I don’t work out
    lots, but this was awesome and I can already feel my stomach getting

  16. hi, i get chest pain while doing this, and i stopped working out
    afterwards. anyone knows why am i feeling the pain ? im perfectly healthy
    and this does not occur when im doing vigorous workout .:( 

  17. I’m just sweating away with this workout…doesn’t really feel like a
    workout when you like dancing anyway..and I noticed a lot of people saying
    they had to stop in 7 minutes…find a warm up exercise video before you
    start..i think it helped me cause I feel good afterwards

  18. omg where have you been all my life ! I had to subscribe. This is so fun
    and it doesn’t even feel like an actual workout, I’m going to be doing this
    everyday until my body starts looking the way I want it to look

  19. Oh My Gosh!!! I just did this…stopped at 7 1/2 minutes!! I’m sore!! I
    feel it in my sides already. I’m going to try to do this every other day

  20. I did this yesterday and can barely move for hurting so much but I have
    done it again tonight with the boxer babe one
    I love Tiffanys workouts they really do work!

    I will loose some weight and shape up! 

  21. oooh! two days later my lower back and tummy still hurt soo much! and i
    can’t stand up for long time… I know it means that it works but still –
    if you are not “almost fit” you will suffer 😀 I’m sorry but you will

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