10-year-old Karl in the Stuart Appleby Junior Golf’s 2012 “Signature Tournament”

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Event: 2012 Stuart Appleby Junior Golf's “Signature Tournament”
Date: 2nd December, 2012
Course: “St Johns Course” at The Heritage Golf Club, Melbourne
Course Designer: Jack Nicklaus
Tees played: Mens- 6061 Meters ( 6628 yards)
Par: 72
Score: 86
Result: 1st Place, Boys Under 12 Gross

Comments: As the only 12 & Under event in Melbourne which is played from the Men's Tees, this is regarded as the marquis tournament here for Karl's age. The Jack Nicklaus designed course was in magnificent condition which allowed for Drives to run and Putts to hold their line.
You'll hear from the audio that it did get a bit windy at times, but it was pretty close to perfect golfing conditions on the day.
Karl hadn't been able to practice for 6 weeks, so the keen observers will notice that his swing was bigger than usual in this event and was also at the Spring Valley Junior Open the following day.
We will tighten that swing up just a touch over the next month in time for Melbourne's major annual junior event, January's 2013 Victorian Junior Masters, but developing clubhead speed is actually fine at this age.
This Win was Karl's 2nd successive victory in the Under 12's in this tourney. Next year he'll be competing in the Under 14's in this event, as he turns 12 in August 2013.
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Happy golfing to all.

Karl's website: www.karlgolf.info

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Brian O'Donovan says:


Jack Pike says:

What hybrid would u recommend for me im 11 and in my 20s row of handicap

RastaGolfer says:

How does Karl like the new putter?

Karl Vilips says:

Yeh, good, Centre shafted forces him to hit from the very centre of the
putter face.

Karl Vilips says:

A mixture. The current line-up is on the “What’s in my bag” page on Karl’s
website. I can’t write that address here in this reply, but it’s all in the
“Video description” of this video. Cheers

golfcbw300 says:

You are the best golfer in the world I will see you on the PGA

golfcbw300 says:

Do you use one golf brand or a mixture of brands

jordon gardner says:

is your taylormade a hybrid or a 3 wood? you are amazing for your age you
have a good future mate is that taylormade good and worth buying

Karl Vilips says:

Had to qualify for it during the year. Cheers

MrGotsGots says:

Your kids is super talented. Amazing swing, great demeanor, and beautiful
golf game. That swing speed is pretty pure too. Great job!!

Brennan Fabry says:

I have been to A LOT of golf pros, but I have learned more about a golf
swing by watching Karl than in any of my lessons.. Thanks to you Karl, I am
playing more solid golf than ever.

Karl Vilips says:

Those boots are made for walkin’

Karl Vilips says:

We actually shortened Karl’s swing specifically for the shorter course used
for the Junior Worlds in July 9-10 years on a 3500 yard Par 62, as accuracy
was critical. Next year’s course for the 11-12’s is off a much longer Par
72 6000 yard course which will reward longer Drives. Karl’s always had a
long swing, so we’re getting that bigger swing back into his all his woods
in readiness for that. Junior comps here are played from 6500-7000 yards.

teenblues says:

love the new pumas!

Owen Cox says:

Nice job karl

Karl Vilips says:

Around 220-230 yards. Karl’s still using the same Driver and shaft from
July 2011, so could drive further with a longer shaft, but we’re focused on
him hitting as many fairways as possible, so am prepared to see Karl give
up some yardage to the guys with full length Drivers in exchange for good
Fairway stats. Cheers

Karl Vilips says:

It’s all about the shaft at your stage, purely because of your physical
size. You’re best to go for a club with a shaft which, after it’s been
shortened to suit your height, is then the right flex. If you’re not an
expert, it’ll be best to get a set of US Kids clubs, as they are made
especially to a players height and have the correct flex shafts for your
height. Cheers

Noise y0 says:

could you get karl to do a ,”in the bag video”? would love now what clubs
he is using, thanks.

christopher says:

Best golfer ever

hayden brooke says:

how far does he hit hhes p wedge

Karl Vilips says:

Not too often most of the. For example, he played last Saturday, nothing
Sunday or Monday. Range on Tuesday, nothing Wednesday or Thursday. However,
leading up to major tournaments he’ll train 6 days a week for at least an
hour a day. Cheers

Michelle Bodinnar says:

wow… I played this course a few weeks ago. It was $125!!… but it was
the most amazing course in amazing condition….. I scored about the same
as Karl (if you don’t count the lost balls of which there were quite a

Karl Vilips says:

100 Meters (110 yards)

pvkripper says:

How far can he hit his 3 wood

Karl Vilips says:

Thanks guys. We’ll keep them coming as long as people keep watching them.
Keep up your golfing.

NJPureswings says:

I come back to this video just to hear the sound the ball makes coming off
the club. Incredible golfer and keep up the great vids.

nicholas betrozoff says:

how far does he drive a golf ball

RastaGolfer says:

Yeah I know I could never focus enough to do that, to me its like putting
with the shaft. Different Strokes fo different folks! haha no pun intended

Karl Vilips says:

That’s one of the nicest compliments anyone’s given to Karl. Thank you.

Karl Vilips says:

220 +/-

Karl Vilips says:

Thank you Mr Gots. Karl gets intense when it’s needed, and also acts the
Showman and has a bit of fun when he’s chill. Cheers

Hörredu Du says:

Love the indian accent

Always Be Shooting says:

He hammers that driver!

Karl Vilips says:

It’s a Fairway wood that we bought 2nd hand in San Diego last year. Great
Fairway Woods with top shafts. Karl’s complete equipment specs are on his
website. Cheers

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