10yo Karl in the 2012 Callaway Junior Worlds 9-10 Boys Final Round (all 18 holes)

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10-year-old Karl Vilips playing all 18 holes of the Final Round on his way to winning the 2012 Callaway Junior Worlds in the Boys 9-10 Years division at Welk Resort, San Diego.

This was Karl's 3rd World Championships victory, the others coming at ages 7 & 9 at the US Kids World Championships in Pinehurst.

The Leaderboard is at;

and the yardages for each hole are at;

Karl was unable to attend either championships as an 8-year-old.

This is a “Positive vibes” Channel, so all the viewers think positive thoughts.

Karl's website is www.karlgolf.info

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sean craig says:

I hope that David Hu kid was okay

Theguitarwhiz says:

How to describe a good scoring day in golf? Boring and monotonous but not
for the player 😉 

Niklas R. says:

Just amazing. That’s a true legend in the making

Harrison M says:

i played in this tournament at this course twice, as a 9 year old and 10,
and it is not as easy as my man Karl makes it look

Theguitarwhiz says:

What’s he playing off? 

CometAir1 says:

I’m ten and I have a handicap of 12-14 on a course called sparkwell near
Plympton in England, it has one par five and a couple of par 3s the rest
are par 4 s

Alex Frias says:

I’m 19 and a scratch golfer, I was nowhere close to this good at his age.
Great job buddy, fantastic play!!

Charlie Stammers says:

I’m 13 my handicap is 24 i am 4feet11 and I have a big max smart trolley
and asun mountain tour bag. My clubs are xhot driver, callaway xhot2 3 and
5 woods, xhot 5,6,7,8,9 irons, xhot pitch and xhot2 sand wedge and a Scotty
Cameron putter. Do you think I deserve all this even though I have only
been playing just over 2 years. 

Ushbei says:

This kid is gonna win PGA Tour when he’s older, I’m not even kidding. he
has crazy talent and shows mad potential!

MrWhite Duck says:

I am 14 and I shoot about an 18 handicap. You have to remember, these kids
are playing from tees that are extremely easy. They practice on ladies and
one up. Then they go out and play tees that make par fours what should be
par threes. They are good. Ill give them that but people shouldnt act as if
they are so good they have a free ride to proffesional golf.

imRoyGy says:

little beast! this kid has a future ahead of him

dmurfet1 says:

Of course it’s short, but hats off to such a professional attitude. Way to
go Karl!

ELIT3 x JYNX says:

How far can he hit

ryano dc says:

Don’t think iv ever seen Karl not get up and down out of a bunker. It’s a
pleasure watching him play

Jack Masters says:

I’m 14 and am shooting low 40’s and I thought that was good!

Charlie Stammers says:

Also what is his handicap

NS Kenova says:

Such nice kid congratilation from Serbia just watch with my 9 year old son
. Tx for inspiration —

Devin GM says:

You’re an awesome golf player Koala. “There It Is” < Thats my phrase.

dmurfet1 says:

Of course it’s short these guys are only little! Way to go Karl great
professional attitude!

Tan zhi yu says:

Wawawawawa laozi

Dtyler171 says:

@Carlo Zollinger

Yes, it is a very short course. Not sure which one it was, but at that
resort they have a par 54, and a par 62

Karl Vilips says:

Around 230 yards

Karl Vilips says:

Karl turns 12 later in 2012. Keep up your good work. Cheers

legomadness2001 says:

Are these all par threes?

sailors2011 says:

You got one talented kid right there! 🙂 Kid’s gonna be on tour someday,
keep encouraging him!

Buffoon1980 says:

Grats to Karl. How was the kid who got injured? Was he okay?

Karl Vilips says:

Karl started the Final Round trailing by 3 strokes. Before he starts a
round like that he has a goal, and although he initially said it was
7-under, he also said that he though that 4-under would do the job, which
it would have. He shot 3-under and won by 3. The 7-under was referring to
wanting to break Par by that many shots. The previous week he shot a
6-under 66 enroute to winning the San Diego Junior Masters played from 5700
yards. Cheers

sailors2011 says:

Yes. Glad you are encouraging a back up plan 🙂

Karl Vilips says:

Thanks Dave. We’re determined for him to go to College first though so that
he’s got options. Cheers

Karl Vilips says:

Since age 6, but only ever attended weekly kid’s clinics until 6 weeks ago.

Mox_au says:

are those 4 wheel buggies the triumph push button 4 model?

Karl Vilips says:

Karl never saw a golf course until he was 5-years old. One day I took him
out to simply watch me, and the next time he snuck one of his clubs into my
bag and asked to have a shot on one of he holes. The next week I started
him at the $2 kids clinic on Sunday mornings at the local club where he had
a lot of fun with the other kids. That;s your starting point. Cheers

Karl Vilips says:

Agree 100%. Wouldn’t mind also getting a better camera that does both Super
HD and also a good slow mo like the Go Pro’s do, as this baby that we’ve
got is a few year’s old. Always welcome suggestions.

Karl Vilips says:

It’s a bit far. Cheers

paulyrulo1 says:

This kid has talent…..no doubt about it!……Great swing AND great touch
with putter AND his irons…..this video made me smile a lot….thanks for
sharing. PS. Are you taking on any investors for his pro career?…….LOL

Leo Hong says:

this young lad has absolute talent. Great swing and an overall good
performer. I was wondering what clubs he uses. Could you name me the names
of the clubs he uses from driver to putter? Thanks just curious 😉

Karl Vilips says:

Karl was born in 2001. He has some videos on his short game that you can
view in his Playlist. Cheers

DatsHax says:

jeeeez i’m 14 and i still can’t do as well.

Karl Vilips says:

I have no idea. It was cheapie we got online for the championships.Pretty
average, but for $70 we weren’t complaining. Cheers

Reece Patel says:

whats his handicap

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