13-Year-Old Golf Swing Analysis

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A breif vid of me hitting about a 240-yard draw – Comments on swing mechanics and fundamentals… Thanks.


I love wall.e says:

10 years later

Venom Anim's says:

So! It started here!

Kenny Ramasawmy says:

April 2018?

Workaholic says:

What? This is how it all started?!?

movie clips says:

Where were u and where r u now ????????????????????

Jon The Otaku - AF5000 says:

Holy crap, a tech channel started on golf!?!?

Reyner Cadapan says:

Cant believe your first video would be golf playing ahahaha just being curious

Walied Hasan says:

this was the beginning ….

All In One Techies says:

Watched After a Decay… The Legend MKBHD

Muhammet Kurt says:

Now we are in 2018 and you are the best ๐Ÿ˜€

Jhan Lourd says:

2018 anyone? :p

MC Brady VEVO says:

So the creator of the decade really has been around for a decade….. he looks different

naski says:

10 years later

FreeToaster says:

Hey this is the beginning right, and right now you already reach 6M sub's what a long journey

regular idiot says:

It all started from golf
Btw happy 10 anniversary

Soyal Sabu says:

Came all the way down to like and comment on your 1st video. You are inceesible Marques. You started when you were 13! Wow and now you are one of the best tech youtubers on the world. You are an inspiration. Congratz on reaching 6m subs . Stay awesome!

somya arya says:

I found out about you today and I wanted to see from where this all started, so I am here ๐Ÿ™‚

Bryant Limm says:

Wowww awsome fist vid

Cristiano Sabian says:

So this started it all

Harsh Rao says:

Great Shot Marques ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

xMirus-Gameplay De League Of Legends says:

10 years holy fuck

stevetakesworld says:

highest quality is 480p?

stevetakesworld says:

whos watching this at his 1000th video milestone

SupremeGamer says:

wow 10 years since god came to existence

5Y Fivey YouTube Yeswanth says:

Whoโ€™s watching this bcos itโ€™s MKBHDโ€™s first video

Yourz Techy says:

1st Video ..?

Antrozovs says:

This is how my favourite YouTuber started.

Antrozovs says:

This is how my favourite YouTuber started.

Shubham Deshmukh says:

Watching at 2k18

ThatRandomeGamer says:

almost 10 years old!

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