13 yr old Golfing in MLB Park!

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We set a Guinness World Record with TopGolf at the SF Giants ballpark! Thanks to TopGolf for this awesome experience! TopGolf off an Aircraft Carrier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbSAd7LHk3U

Do you think you could've hit it out of the park?

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Lucid Yogurt says:

354 yards? Sad happy Gilmore would be disappointed

skylargames 46 says:

12:50 did you see somthin strange

Haunted_Wolf564 says:

Dang it I could of attempted it!!!! We have one in Minnesota like 15 minutes away 😡😡😡

RC Muddin 98 says:

that amazing i’ve been to top golf a few times

James Thompson says:

Do your son have any Kyrie shoes I can buy from hem

C21 Epic says:

My name is Colten

laythan hollaway says:

I hear that beat at 9:10 and I instantly think Steve Steve Steve!

Salt says:

He meant to say cheated to win the World Series

TTV ParCave says:

Not that I was looking but the girl in the interview had 2 points

Leah Sears says:

My name is colten

Barney Rodgers says:

btw they meant women’s record cuz the men’s one is over 100 yards further than hers

ReVEnGE GaMeS says:

am i the only 1 who noticed there was a face on a golf ball at 13:11

Kevin Rafferty says:

I have a question how does Topgolf make their hamburgers so good

Henry says:

Damn Guinness World Record is lame

Enz V says:

Me thinking , what are they doing golfing in a baseball field

Caden Korzan says:

why do they make it look so easy?

Melissa L'Barrow says:

just telling you there is top golf in australia

Ryan M says:

Us in Australia… 🙁

Blake Ferguson says:

Oringe I ment to say

Matthew Gottuso says:

The abaft treatment elderly dam because view splenomegaly rush qua a godly relish. equal, accessible dolphin

Clark C says:

Nice Pineapple House Kyrie's Lincoln

Mary Roberts says:

I live in Oklahoma

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